Behind The Scenes

The Ordinary Lovely

Hello, I'm Rachel.

Welcome to my personal blog about family life and interiors. Behind the scenes at The Ordinary Lovely, I'm a busy mama to a seven year old and a four year old with an addiction to stripes and leather satchels. I spend my free time out and about exploring the Welsh countryside or pouring over interiors magazines and trying, unsuccessfully, to hang wallpaper. 

So why The Ordinary Lovely?

I started The Ordinary Lovely in September 2014 to celebrate the small things that make our ordinary home and my ordinary life that little bit lovelier. It's so easy to write off the simple things when your mind is programmed to always want bigger and better ... the dream house, far flung holidays, hair that falls in to perfect waves the moment you get out of bed, or the elusive perfect day where your children don't ask for snacks every thirteen seconds and no cross words are spoken.

However, as a parent, your sanity depends on you finding little bits of loveliness in what can otherwise be a relentless daily routine. It could be savouring the perfectly poured cup of coffee, silently cheering at finding a great hiding place in a particularly competitive game of hide and seek, filling your house with jar upon jar of fresh flowers, finding the old, battered school desk of your dreams on eBay for a snip, or realising that you can achieve a pretty cool wallpaper effect with paint thus never having to attempt to hang that darn thing ever again. Or is that just me?

I also love sharing simple tips and ideas for brightening up the home. We live in a somewhat soulless new build so that, combined with my love of predominately white walls, means sneaking colour in in creative ways. One of the aims of The Ordinary Lovely is to show you how you can create a fun yet functional family space and embrace the frequent not-so-tidy outcome of young children. The struggle is real! I was overwhelmed to be listed as one of the top 10 UK interiors blogs by The Telegraph and one of the hottest home decor bloggers to follow on Instagram by the Daily Mail ... quite a departure from my career in automotive communications!

Where Else Can You Find Me?

I work on a freelance basis creating content for various brands, websites and magazines, and I'm also the editor of the Great Little Trading Co. blog, Make a Happy Home, where I write about their brilliant products, share cute crafts, and offer home styling suggestions. Yes, it's a dream job!

Have a look around my blog, and do get in contact if there's anything I can help you with ...

Rachel The Ordinary Lovely