Behind The Scenes

The Ordinary Lovely

Behind the scenes at The Ordinary Lovely, I'm a busy mama to a four year old and a two year old with an unhealthy obsession with Roger Federer. What can I say? I lived in Switzerland for seven years before moving back to North Wales in 2014 ... surviving amongst the Swiss meant developing a love of their unofficial king. Rest assured, I didn't name one of my boys after him though (or Aragorn from Lord of the Rings ... he comes a close second to Roger but again, 'Aragorn, come to the front of the class', is not something that I'd inflict upon my kids).

So why The Ordinary Lovely?

Well ... I'm busy ... really busy ... pretty much all of the time. I mean, who isn't these days? And when you're busy, it's tempting to look ahead to THE NEXT BIG THING. A fancy night out, a weekend away, a summer holiday, Christmas even. It's so easy to write off ordinary days as they can seem relatively unexciting when compared to jetting off somewhere sunny or sitting down to a festive feast. However, it's even easier to find little bits of loveliness in each and every day ... small things that we simply have to take the time to really appreciate.

It could be savouring the perfect cup of coffee, silently cheering at finding a great hiding place in a particularly competitive game of hide and seek, thanking the gods when, at the getting-on-a-bit age of 38, you finally find the perfect shade of lipstick for your skin tone (Yves Rocher Marron Glacé, if you're interested), or marvelling at the most beautiful of sunsets ... things that are right in front of us, or so ordinary that we often take them for granted. But we shouldn't.


The Ordinary Lovely is my promise to myself to cherish the fifty weeks of the year that we're not on holiday and the 364 days of the year that aren't Christmas Day. And it's also my promise to my boys to make the ordinary come alive for them. I want our lives to be much like William Martin describes in The Parent's Tao Te Ching ...

Do not ask your children
to strive for extraordinary lives.
Such striving may seem admirable,
but it is a way of foolishness.
Help them instead to find the wonder
and the marvel of an ordinary life.
Show them the joy of tasting
tomatoes, apples, and pears.
Show them how to cry
when pets and people die.
Show them the infinite pleasure
in the touch of a hand.
And make the ordinary come alive for them.
The extraordinary will take care of itself.

I hope you enjoy spending some time looking around The Ordinary Lovely. It's my space to celebrate the things that make my ordinary life a little lovelier ... a place to celebrate the small things.

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