Antony Gormley's Another Place in Crosby

The Ordinary Lovely: Another Place

I'm writing this on a rather grey, drizzly and damp day and shaking my head in disbelief that the photo above, with the wonderfully blue skies, was taken just a few weeks ago. We seem to have gone from shorts to scarves in a blink of an eye. But truth be told, even this temperamental autumn weather won't stop us from visiting our favourite beach.

It's hard to believe that this time last year, we were coming to the end of our seven-year stay in Switzerland. It was such a beautiful country to call home but despite spending many happy hours by Lake Zürich, I still longed to be by a real stretch of water, longed to be by the sea. There's something very restful about gazing out towards the horizon, hearing the swoosh of the waves on the beach, and seeing nothing but sky.  

The Ordinary Lovely: Another Place

Crosby beach is wonderful to spend a couple of hours on. It never seems to be overly busy as it doesn't have any of the usual seaside commercial trappings. There might not be ice cream or doughnuts but there's plenty of room to roll up your trousers, bury your feet in the sand or dip your toes in the sea.

The Ordinary Lovely: Another Place

It also has one other very special feature too ...

When you first walk along the marina and turn the corner to head towards the sea, you look out and see some very unusual people standing very, very still, all in the same pose, right along the beach. Some have even been brave enough to walk neck-deep in to the bitterly cold sea. How strange!

Of course, those of you familiar with Antony Gormley's Another Place will know that I'm talking about the exhibition of 100 cast iron sculptures, now a permanent feature on Crosby beach. They really are quite remarkable to see, some high up on the sand, others buried waist deep, and a handful even out to sea and only visible with the tide going out.

The Ordinary Lovely: Another Place

The boys are quite fascinated by them and always want to run up and touch them. I think it's one of the most breathtaking exhibits that I've ever seen. These strange beings simply standing there, watching over the beach and looking out to sea.

So it's time to pack away the suncream and swimming trunks and replace them with a Thermos flask and blankets. The sun might not be gracing us with its presence for quite a while but we'll grace those wonderfully eerie iron men with ours.

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