The In-between

The Ordinary Lovely: The In-between

I realise that as a parent, it's almost my duty to see Christmas Day as the pinnacle of December. The high point which we count down to, a little piece of chocolate or a small treat signifying the passing of days until the 25th. Sunrise, the discovering of presents, excited children, a serving of roast turkey, sunset and that's the magic over for another year.

But it's the in-between days that make me smile the most. The days after the feverish excitement of Christmas Day but before the return to work/school/normality. Days when I don't actually know what day it is but find myself not really caring. Days that I prefer to the big day itself. Is that wrong?

Yes, I think Christmas Day is lovely. The amazed little face of my four year old when he discovered the fox mittens and Buzz Lightyear in his stocking will stay with me forever. And my littlest dude was so excited by the first present that he opened that he wasn't all that bothered about opening any more. So, so sweet. But since the 25th, it's felt so much more relaxed. Almost like we have all the time in the world to enjoy spending time with each other rather than rushing to get things done.

We've visited family, spent time with friends, searched for batteries for new toys, played in the snow, slipped on the ice, drank too many cups of tea, watched too many films, ridden on new bikes, stayed up late, had jelly beans for breakfast, had chocolate for supper, shopped online in the sales, stayed in pyjamas until midday, got back in to pyjamas at 2pm, gone on early morning runs, enjoyed late afternoon walks, marvelled at the most amazing Winter sunsets, and considered keeping the twinkly lights up all year round. 

It's been wonderful ... the calm after a hugely busy year (a few minor tired tantrums aside). And we still have almost a week of it to go and our tenth wedding anniversary to celebrate (shopping, martinis and steaks will feature).

So our tree will stay up for a few days longer, our decorations will continue to be placed just out of reach of sticky fingers and our fairy lights will be allowed to twinkle away in to the New Year. 

Oh how I adore these ordinary but lovely in-between days.

The Ordinary Lovely: The In-between