An old school desk makeover ... superhero style

The Ordinary Lovely: School Desk Makeover Superhero Style

Like his mama, my little dude has a bit of a stationery obsession. Pens, paper, notepads, colouring pencils ... well, you can pretty much find them littering our entire house. We like nothing better than sitting at our dining table or desk and writing little notes, drawing pictures or making very important lists (e.g., our Autumn wish list from the Boden catalogue ... we want everything).

Since the very serious business of pre-school loomed on the horizon (he started last week), the little dude has been hinting about having his very own desk. His very own desk to do IMPORTANT works. But did he stop at merely requesting his own desk? No, he did not. He had a list of very exacting requirements. It had to be a desk with a lid (for storing secret treasures, apparently). It could only be orange, blue and white. And lastly, it needed to be fit for a superhero. Unsurprisingly, IKEA's design team had yet to (and probably never will) come up with anything to meet these specifications so I took to eBay and managed to snag the beautiful, old school desk that you see above for a mere £10. Result!

It wasn't in the best of conditions. A couple of screws missing, wood a little warped and 'Glenys hearts Phil' engraved on the top. But it was still beautiful. Had I had my way, I would have merely wiped it, lightly sanded it and then sealed it. Graffiti and all. But no. Never let your own aesthetic get in the way of the wants of a bossy three year old.

Armed with several tins of Annie Sloan chalk paint and a roll of Marvel wallpaper, I set to work. Work which continued for more evenings and weekends than I anticipated. My arms ached, my knees ached and I seemed to end every day covered in glue, paint and wax. Until Monday night. On Monday night, I covered the desk in soft wax and buffed it with all my might to give it the shiniest of finishes before placing it in the little dude's bedroom.

The Ordinary Lovely: School Desk Makeover Superhero Style
The Ordinary Lovely: School Desk Makeover Superhero Style

All requirements met. A lid, orange, blue and white paint, and fit for a superhero. Admittedly, it's not my cup of tea but its owner couldn't be more thrilled with it. And that makes it a very special desk indeed.

The Ordinary Lovely: School Desk Makeover Superhero Style

In case you're interested in the specifics ...

- The top was done by découpage using Marvel wallpaper and then sealed with Décopatch Ultra Glossy Varnish.
- The blue is Annie Sloan chalk paint number 30 Greek Blue.
- The white is Annie Sloan chalk paint number 34 Pure.
- The orange is Annie Sloan chalk paint number 24 Barcelona Orange.
- Everything was waxed and buffed with Annie Sloan clear soft wax.