Styling a pegboard for autumn

The Ordinary Lovely Autumn Pegboard Display

When we moved in to our new house back in December, I knew that I wanted to find a way to combine my love of pale walls and clear surfaces with my children's love of bright colours and need to collect pretty much anything and everything. Admittedly, I may not be the mother who proudly displays every single piece of random artwork that the little dudes produce but I do think that I've found a great compromise in Block's cool pegboards.

I love the fact that there's space for us all to choose a couple of favourite things to peg and also that we can change what we display depending on what time of year it is or when anything exciting happens (our last theme was all things Scottish as a result of a wonderful week spent by Loch Awe in the Summer).

Recently, I noticed lots of sticks and leaves being stuffed in to little pockets whilst out on walks and that, combined with my love of this beautiful time of year, prompted me to pack away our holiday finds and switch to a more autumnal theme instead.

These are the Autumn treasures that we now have on display:

  1. A handful of our favourite Instagram prints from the last few weeks, featuring muddy walks, tasty treats and den building.

  2. Some finds from one of our countryside outings ... a smokey coloured leaf, a pine cone and a collection of sticks (is it just my eldest who appears to be on a mission to rid the outside world of sticks and store them in my living room instead?).

  3. A nod to Halloween with a little pumpkin decoration. We go a bit Halloween-crazy in this house.

  4. A much loved spinning top from a day out at Tate Liverpool.

  5. One of my favourite photos ever ... my husband and my eldest little dude on an early morning walk a couple of weeks ago (I found this square frame and mount in John Lewis and it's ideal for Instagram pics).

  6. A homemade box, perfect for storing shells collected from a recent trip to the beach. I love a trip to the seaside in Autumn as there's so much more space for running around than during the warmer months.

  7. A postcard that I picked up from Paperchase. Autumn always makes me smile. It's my favourite of all the season.

  8. And finally, a bouquet of leaves. Completely unprompted, my son gathered them for me during an afternoon at pre-school. He knew I'd love them and I really, really do.

The Ordinary Lovely Autumn Pegboard Display
The Ordinary Lovely Autumn Pegboard Display
The Ordinary Lovely Autumn Pegboard Display
The Ordinary Lovely Autumn Pegboard Display
The Ordinary Lovely Autumn Pegboard Display

I think it's safe to say that there's a lot of love for the humble peg board in our house. Do you have any creative ways of displaying your children's treasures?