Feeling cold

The Ordinary Lovely: Feeling cold

Right now, I'm struggling with January. Maybe it's the recent weather. Cold, I can do. Windy, I can do. Snow, I can do in moderation. But when all three get together, I feel a little defeated. I stare longingly out of the window, wanting to head out and explore but knowing that with two little ones struggling to stand up against the icy gusts, it wouldn't make for the funnest of outings.

I'm not wishing our lives away and hoping for the early arrival of spring but I am slightly nostalgic for the beauty and warmth of autumn past.

Even my bones feel cold at the moment. Sat in the living room wearing pyjamas and two pairs of thick socks, I still feel the need to wrap my fingers around a warm cup of coffee and throw on a blanket to stop the shivers.

So what does an outdoor person and two little dudes do when they find themselves trapped indoors?

Maybe we can work on perfecting our salted caramel hot chocolate recipe.

Maybe I can finally bake a birthday cake that doesn't sink in the middle (I've almost given up hope).

Maybe we could write, film and direct our very own version of Toy Story 4.

Maybe it's an opportunity for homemade bread - I'm sure the smell alone would cheer me up.

Maybe we can create the den to end all dens equipped with fairy lights and a milkshake corner.

Maybe it's time to introduce the boys to my childhood favourites, Snakes and Ladders and Mousetrap (and hope that they are more gracious in defeat than their mother).

Maybe I let the boys loose on their very white bedrooms walls and encourage them to create abstract masterpieces.

Maybe I relent and finally allow Play-Doh in the house.

Or maybe we just buy bigger coats.

The Ordinary Lovely: Feeling Cold