Home and back again

The Ordinary Lovely: Home and back again

Today, I'm not really capturing a memory or a milestone. It's more of a feeling.

Even though I haven't properly lived at my parents' house since I left for university (over 20 years ago now ... I'm beyond old, I know), whenever I've talked about 'home', it's their house that I've been referring to. I've never really found anywhere else that quite lived up to how completely comfortable and happy that I felt there. 

But last week, we stayed there while we had some work done on our house and although we had a really nice time (both boys loved the glow-in-the-dark stars on my old bedroom ceiling and the more relaxed rules surrounding biscuit and chocolate consumption and I really enjoyed gossiping with my mum and trying on all of her new shoes), it really didn't feel like home any more.

I missed our house. Our own home. A home filled with laughter, teasing, cheekiness, occasional bickering and now and again, the odd tear. Up until last week, I'd never really felt an emotional attachment to it but being away made me realise how truly a special place it is. We've only lived in it for a year but already it's been the backdrop to some incredible memories.

There's the living room where my littlest took his first steps, the front door where my eldest proudly stood for a photograph in his uniform on his first day of school, the park opposite where both boys rode their bikes for the very first time.

Then there's the memories of four little feet following me to the kitchen to persuade me that 'snack time' should feature more chocolate and less fruit, breakfasts in bed (where the boys were persuaded to eat their toast on their papa's side rather than mine), first words spoken, new words learnt, four of us huddled under a duvet (two watching Madagascar 3 and two trying to snatch a few extra minutes sleep) and many nights spent captivated by Game of Thrones (okay, Jon Snow).

So many lovely moments in such a short time.

How can this house not be a home?

So this week, I've taken a fresh look at these bricks and mortar and walked around each room with a smile. It might not be the house of my dreams but it's most definitely the home that I've dreamt of.

The Ordinary Lovely: Home and back again