Styling a shelf for autumn

The Ordinary Lovely: Styling the seasons

While autumn might officially start in September, I think it's not until October that it really shows its true colours. We started the month surrounded by an abundance of green and wearing long sleeves but as the days tick by and the end draws that little bit closer, the trees have taken a turn for the russet and it's rare that we leave the house without snuggling in to a warm coat, woolly hats perched on our heads. For a person, or a family, that loves to be outdoors, it truly is the most glorious month of the year.

The one downside is the distinct lack of light in our house. The rooms suddenly seem a lot darker. I find myself switching lights on at the oddest times of day ... mid morning when the weather is gloomy, over lunchtime when it rains, and every day during dinner with the evenings drawing in. The one spot remaining that seems to catch the sun as it fleetingly passes over head, is the shelf above the sofa in our living room. Come mid afternoon, there's almost a rainbow of light twinkling over the little bits and pieces that I keep on there. It's probably the only surface in the entire house that I can still take photographs of without having to flood them with light during the editing process. So, yesterday, I gathered all the trinkets that I wanted to use to sum up what October means to me, ready to pounce on my camera when the sun was at its highest and shining merrily through the window.

This month, despite my intent to take things easier, has been busy, chaotic, sometimes stressful, frequently sleep-deprived but also quite happy and full of sweet memories. I feel like Betty in the drawing that I've placed in the centre of the shelf ... a bit tired, often in pyjamas, but still wearing a rather fetching crown (or in my case, messy hair but always really nice shoes). My head has been so full of work, writing, birthday planning, and keeping the house standing and the boys entertained while Paul has been away that I've found myself losing both my phone and my glasses on a daily basis. Vases have remained empty and cups of tea have been left to go cold. We've had to venture outdoors for colour and prettiness ... and steal some of it to bring home with us - how beautifully red and delicious are those berries?!

Monochrome is not normally my 'thing' as I love colour too much but, like last October, it's nice to keep things simple before we're engulfed by all the glitz and sparkle that finds its way absolutely EVERYWHERE in the run up to Christmas.

October, you continue to wow me. It's always with a touch of sadness that I say goodbye to you. But I know we'll meet again.

The Ordinary Lovely: Styling the seasons