Wallpapering a downstair's loo

The Ordinary Lovely: Home makeover

The littlest room of the house. The downstair's loo. It's possibly not the most glamourous of makeovers to be talking about but hopefully you can help me turn something that's, quite frankly, a little bit plain and boring in to a room that's more colourful and fun. It's a room that sits right next to the front door, quite small in size, but home to all of our boots and shoes (and the many sticks collected on our walks) and the scene of a truly horrendous few months of potty training. It's unloved and muddy.

Here, you can see for yourself. It's functional but blah.

The Ordinary Lovely: Home makeover

I do like the way that small rooms like this invite you to think a little differently, though. Because it's not one of the main rooms, we can be a bit playful and decorate in a way that I possibly wouldn't do so in the rest of the house. For me, that means wallpaper. I know, I know. Wallpaper features in pretty much every home in the UK. But I've never been a fan. Like, ever. However, I'm slowly coming around to it. Not in the least because Laura Ashley asked me to choose some for a special project for their blog (coming in March ... stay tuned) and I fell in love with their prints. I spotted their Spring Trail Duck Egg Blue Floral Wallpaper and knew it would be perfect for my little space. It's colourful, contemporary and fun. 

The Ordinary Lovely: Laura Ashley Spring Trail Duck Egg Blue Foral Wallpaper

But the curtains have to go, right? They're awful, aren't they? They're actually made out of off-cuts from our kitchen curtains. They look perfect there but really aren't suited to the downstair's bathroom. Luckily, help is on hand from Homebase who have kindly asked me to take a look at their curtains and blinds and choose something that's a little more suitable (along with a few other accessories from their homeware range). Perfect timing!

Having scoured the website, here's what I have my eye on ...

The Ordinary Lovely: Home makeover

1. Habitat Judd roller blind in sandstone - £30
2. Habitat egyptian cotton handtowel in duck egg blue - £6.40
3. UFO easy fit pendant in cream - £11.99 (I've seen this in the flesh already and it's fantastic)
4. Wicker heart - £1.00
5. Heart of House ceramic ivory jug - £12.99 (I don't know what I would use this for ... maybe flowers on the windowsill ... but I love it)
6. Coverack garden planter - £3.23
7. Metal wire bird ornament - £4.99 (I think I might need several of these in my house)
8. Toilet brush in duck egg blue - £4.99

What do you think? I'll be heading to Homebase at the weekend to make my final selection.

I'm still not entirely sure what to do with the shoe rack. Keep it? Paint it? Replace it? Find another home for it? It's really practical to have it so close to the front door but I'm not sure that I'm going to want it spoiling my newly decorated bathroom. Once again, I may have to turn to Pinterest for the answer (here's my littlest room inspiration board, if you'd like to take a look).

We have the painter and decorator booked to come in the next couple of weeks. Confession time ... Paul and I attempted to do the wallpapering ourselves and it was an unmitigated disaster. Really, really bad. Worse, even. We have learnt our lesson and shall never pick up a paste brush again. But we have a professional on hand to make everything well again. Thankfully!

Fingers crossed I'll be able to share the finished room with you in March. If you spot any little accessories that you think would fit perfectly, do let me know. I'm really excited!