Five things to do in Zürich with kids

Five things to do with kids in Zürich.jpg

Zürich will forever hold a special place in my heart. It may not have been a city that really felt like home to me (even after seven years of living and working there) but I have so many fond memories of the beautiful lake, the cobblestone streets, the bars (before kids), the parks (after kids) and the people. Not to mention that it's the city where my two boys were born ... a place that will forever be marked on their passports.

We've not been back as a family since we returned to live in the UK in December 2013 but recently I've been remembering all the lovely things that we used to do out there and I definitely feel like it's time to take the little ones back for a visit. I'd like them to grow up knowing where they came from and being thankful for the years we spent there (without the amazing Swiss health care, I'm not so sure that we'd even have the boys in our lives ... it doesn't bear thinking about but it's true).

Anyway, to share a little bit more about Zürich and the different things you could do on a weekend away there, I've put together my five top tips for things to do in Zürich with kids (from tots to teens). If you'd like to have a read, the post is over on the fantastic travel site, Space In Your Case. If you're brave enough to consider a long-haul flight with your kiddos, also check out this post about Katie and Alison's recent trip to the Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort and be prepared for some serious holiday envy.

The Ordinary Lovely: Zürich with kids