Styling a pegboard for St. David's Day

The Ordinary Lovely: Styling the Seasons

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant Hapus!

To many, the colourful, trumpet-like daffodil is one of the first signals that spring is on its way, but here in Wales, it has a more personal meaning. It's our national flower and the one that we wear to celebrate St. David's day on March 1st. And so it had to have a starring role in this month's 'styling the seasons' post and is also the reason why I'm super early in joining in with this lovely series.

This month, I decided to do something very simple. We hadn't updated our pegboard in a while so it seemed like the ideal space to do something with. And the perfect plain backdrop for our daffodils to take centre-stage. I bought a handful of plastic test tubes a while ago with the intention of filling them with little treats for the boys but, because they're so light in weight and can be held in place by washi tape, they work really well as single-stem vases. The eagle-eyed amongst you might notice the Swiss flags on the tape. As the boys were born in Switzerland, I figured I'd combine a celebration of their home country with their birth one.

And then things got a bit silly.

We added a leek. The national emblem of Wales.

The Ordinary Lovely: Styling the Seasons

And then things got even sillier.

My eldest insisted that a recently-purchased red nose be added.

The Ordinary Lovely: Styling the Seasons

So this is how the peg board ended up.

At least it's all colour coordinated if not overly pleasing to the eye.

The Ordinary Lovely: Styling the Seasons

Quite a few people have asked if the pegboard is in our home office. It's not. It's actually in the living room. It's maybe not the most obvious of rooms to have it in but it's the place that I spend the most time in with the boys and we tend to use it to display all the little things that they collect and treasure (here's our autumn display and Christmas display). 

The pegboard sits right above the sideboard. 

The Ordinary Lovely: Styling the Seasons

And the sideboard sits right next to the sofa, which often has this little dude sitting on it requesting 'more mouse, mama!' That's The Gruffalo to the uninitiated.

The Ordinary Lovely: Styling the Seasons

Yes, this month's post is slightly tongue-in-cheek but sometimes fun and celebration have to win out over aesthetics. 

Happy St. David's Day!