This boy of mine

This boy of mine is the only person that can drive me up the wall one minute and then have me in hysterics the next. He's quite serious and yet extremely witty. He can be shy but has such self belief. He wants to be like his friends and but secretly relishes being that little bit different. He loves to help but quickly loses concentration. He wants to be six (six is really, really old, apparently) but still curls up on my lap and demands to be cuddled like a baby. His favourite colour is blue but if given the choice, will always go for the item that is orange. This boy of mine makes me smile and shake my head at the very same time.

And this is him, at the weekend, pretending to be a flame. He was helping me with a craft project for an upcoming post but soon got distracted and decided to decorate himself rather than the thing we were making. I can sometimes be so focused on getting something done that I forget to enjoy the time spent doing it. However, when you have a four year old dancing around you wearing orange crepe paper, singing 'I'm a flame, I'm a wiggling, hot flame', it's so, so hard not to stop what you're doing and instead sit back, enjoy the show, and roar with laughter (and take photographs, of course).