Garden makeover: Twenty nine days and £243 (part I)

The Ordinary Lovely: Homebase #MyWay garden makeover

Some DIY projects, I can't wait to get started on. A lick of paint, hanging a new lampshade, a good tidy, buying pretty storage boxes. I can wake in the morning with an idea and have shopped and sorted by the time my head hits the pillow later that night. Others, like our garden for instance, I can mull over ideas for months on end (sixteen months, to be precise) and still not really come up with a plan of action. According to recent research by Homebase, shoppers spend 29 days researching ideas before kicking off a project (I'm only fifteen months behind the average then) and then spend £243 on their update. Apparently, consumers have also stopped looking to experts for help and are instead relying on 'friendspiration' for ideas, or in my case, my ever-so-stylish best friend, Pinterest!

When Homebase kindly offered me £243 to spend in one of their stores on a home makeover project, I took it as a sign to finally implement some of the garden ideas that I've been pinning but not actually doing anything about. You can check out my Pinterest board here - think colourful flowers, pretty outdoor paint and lots of tea lights in jars ... just a whole lot of loveliness!

Our house is a new build and as such, the garden was non-existent when we first bought it. And as we were living in Switzerland at the time and wanted to rent it out initially, we merely had turf laid and a few shrubs planted. A sophisticated haven, it was not! Obviously, when we finally moved back to the UK, we concentrated (and are still concentrating) on the interior of the house so the garden has remained in its bare state ever since. Boring! I think our main reluctance to tackle it has been somewhat to do with the fact that it slopes in every which way direction and we haven't been able to get our heads around how it could ever look good without some serious landscaping. Landscaping which we don't really have the time or funds to invest in.

Here's some 'before' pictures so you can see exactly how uninspiring it was.

The Ordinary Lovely: Homebase #MyWay garden makeover
The Ordinary Lovely: Homebase #MyWay garden makeover
The Ordinary Lovely: Homebase #MyWay garden makeover

To keep the project manageable, we decided to focus on three things:

1. Creating a recognisable border.
2. Planting lots of lovely flowers.
3. Sprucing up the boring fence.

One and two are now complete and step 3, painting the fence, is well underway. It would have been finished a while ago if it were not for the dismal weather of late in North Wales. But, we've been promised a couple of weeks of sunshine so, with a bit of luck, I'll be able to share part II of my garden makeover with you later this week.

I have a few more pretty things planned for later in the year too and a couple of planting and craft projects with the boys that I'll also share with you in another post. If you take a look a my Pinterest board, you may be able to guess what I have in mind. I'm peg board obsessed and a couple just might be making their way in to the garden.

A massive thanks to Homebase for the vouchers and the challenge without which we would probably be sitting looking at the garden for another sixteen months without actually doing anything. If you too are after home inspiration, check out Homebase's Project Centre for ideas and advice (it's actually where I stumbled across a genius idea for planting which I will tell you about in part II of my garden makeover).