An easy but delicious flapjack recipe

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What is it with the weather this week? I had all manner of garden activities planned for the boys during the Easter holidays only for the start of spring to bring downpours, gale force winds and the occasional hailstorm with it. As the mother of two extremely lively boys, not being able to venture outdoors to expend some of that 'loveable' energy leaves me quite fraught come 3pm. I fear that beneath my expensive highlights, my hair is almost 90 percent grey now having been a lovely ash blond hue mere days ago.

My weapon of choice to counter the darkest and most miserable of days is one that's easily achievable and brings with it the sweetest smell of warm, gloopy syrup. It's even one that the most fearful-of-baking-mess parent can turn their hand to with their little one and know that sugary perfection can be attained in matter of minutes and a clean kitchen in less so. Recipes for the humble flapjack can be found in hundreds on the internet but here's my version of perfection.

Turn your oven to 170 degrees C and place a piece of parchment paper in an oven-proof dish (the one that I use is 25cm x 15cm).

Take ...

75g butter
75g soft, dark brown sugar
60g golden syrup

and melt them in a pan over a low heat until they become a runny-like, gorgeously golden substance.

Stir in ...

200g of oats (I use really cheap Mornflake superfast oats).

When all of the oats are covered, spoon in to the dish. All shop-bought flapjacks seem to be very flat and neat on top but I prefer mine a little more on the rustic side so never bother to pat them down and create a smooth surface. 

The Ordinary Lovely: Easy flapjack recipe

Place ...

the dish in the oven for 10-12 minutes until the flapjacks are lightly golden brown on top.

Leave ...

to cool for 10 minutes before cutting them in to approximately 12 rectangles (12 portions if children are involved, 6 if they're for greedy adults). You can turn them on to a wire rack to cool them even further but I simply leave them in the dish for a little bit longer and serve them directly from there. It's the Easter holidays, we don't need to complicate things any further, do we?

I like to enjoy mine with a cup of milky coffee and a good book. Of which I get to read maybe a paragraph before I'm inevitably called back to the living room to 'enjoy' another game of 'mama vs ninja boys' of which I always seem to be the loser at. Why is that?

Hey ho, I can just polish off the rest of the flapjacks when they're in bed. I win, after all!

The Ordinary Lovely: Easy flapjack recipe
The Ordinary Lovely: Easy flapjack recipe