Holidays ... what do you want to know?

The Ordinary Lovely: Holiday reviews

Over the past ten years, I've spent more time 'abroad' than in the UK and more time in airports than is healthy. Working for a global company meant frequent trips to the US, Germany and Italy (really not as glamourous as it perhaps sounds - think airport, hotel, office, hotel, airport) and living in Switzerland for seven years meant that any weeks off work were spent visiting family and friends back in Wales. So while I've been 'away', holidays they were not.

This year, I'm going to be thoroughly spoilt though as I have not one, but two Mark Warner holidays booked. The first, a skiing holiday, is to Chalet Hotel L'Ecrin in Tignes, France, as part of my #MarkWarnerMum role. The second, a summer holiday, was booked before I even applied to become an ambassador for the company and is to Lakitira Beach Resort in Kos, Greece. I can't quite get over how lucky we are and what amazing experiences the boys are going to have over the next few months. Learning to ski in France followed by learning to snorkel in Greece. I hope it's not a lifestyle that they become accustomed to though or my husband's going to have to give up sleep in favour of a second job. But, for this year, we're just going to continue to say thank you to the universe and enjoy every moment.

The Ordinary Lovely: Holiday reviews

Because I'm going to be writing up reviews of both resorts, I'd like your help.

What do you want to know?

What are the things that the brochures don't tell you that you'd like me to report back on? What's important to you when booking a holiday? What's important to your children? Is there something that would make a difference to you and result in you choosing one resort, or one travel company, over another?

Consider me your roving reporter. Let me know what you want me to investigate or find out and I'll do my very best to provide you with a comprehensive review when we return. You can either leave me a comment or send me a tweet. Anything you want to know, I'm your girl!

The Ordinary Lovely: Holiday reviews

For those of you that already have summer holiday plans, even if those plans mean heading to the nearest British beach, do check out Swimshop. All of the cute accessories that you can see in these photos - the shorts, beachballs, buckets, floats, snorkels and masks - are from there, and even if they've only been used in the living room and bath, so far, the boys are absolutely thrilled with them. The prices are extremely competitive and you'll be really surprised how much you can get for your money. Money that you can then save for that extra ice cream or cocktail.

I was kindly given a voucher to spend at Swimshop, a leading retailer of swimming caps, goggles and costumes in the UK, in exchange for sharing their website with you but my opinion is completely honest.