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The Ordinary Lovely: Chocolate & caramel fridge bars recipe

I'm not a complicated person. My likes are quite simple. Yes, they can sometimes tend towards the expensive side but on the whole, my smiles are more frequently bestowed upon the simpler things in life as opposed to the grand. So when it comes to Mother's Day presents, my request for next Sunday is for nothing more than a quiet (in the sense of no fancy plans rather than noise levels) day with the boys, baking, walking in the park and then home for coffee and chocolate. Simple, rather ordinary but the kind of day that leaves you smiling long after the clock ticks midnight and a new one begins.

My eldest little dude adores helping in the kitchen. I'm not going to lie. I use the word 'help' somewhat loosely. It tests my nerves and patience but when I avert my eyes from the sheer amount of mess that he makes and focus on how happy he is, it's just the nicest thing in the world. One of our favourite things to make (and eat) together is chocolate and caramel fridge bars. They're possibly the worst things for you if you're watching your weight, full of naughty ingredients and tempting beyond belief, but they're super easy to prepare with the only cooking being hob-based rather than oven. And I think these are what we're going to make on Mother's Day.

The Ordinary Lovely: Chocolate & caramel fridge bars recipe

If you're tempted, here's the recipe.


250g digestive biscuits
300g Cadbury's dairy milk chocolate
2 bars Cadbury's caramel
150g golden syrup
100g unsalted butter


1. Line a tin or dish (I use a 30cm x 20cm one) with greaseproof paper.
2. Put the digestive biscuits in a sealable plastic bag and bash them with a rolling pin. It's down to personal preference as to whether you want them like breadcrumbs or in chunks. Either works. When it comes to the bashing, my eldest little dude's top tip, for safety reasons, is to wear a hat. Due to several rolling-pin-to-head incidences (him, not me), I wholeheartedly concur.

The Ordinary Lovely: Kids in the kitchen
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3. Melt the milk chocolate (not the caramel), syrup and butter together in a heatproof bowl over a simmering pan of water, until it is a lovely, liquid-y bath of yummy goodness.
4. Take the bowl off the pan and stir in the biscuits.
5. Break the caramels up by hand and then stir them in to the mixture too. Because it will have cooled down slightly by now, the caramel will stay nice and gooey rather than melt and blend in.
6. Spoon the mixture evenly in to the bowl and place in the fridge for 90 minutes to set. Yes, these will seem like the longest 90 minutes of your life but I promise it's worth it.
7. Once cool, turn out the mixture and cut it in to bars. I usually get 15 but if you want to go for glory and only have six, I promise not to judge.
8. Enjoy!

The Ordinary Lovely: Chocolate & caramel fridge bars recipe