Because I never want to forget ...

The Ordinary Lovely: Little toes

I follow around three hundred blogs. I don't read every post. I simply dip in and out whenever a title catches my eye. I check my reader most evenings as it's a nice way to pass half an hour or so. The time between my boys falling asleep and me deciding to finish the chores that I wasn't able to get done during the day. I can guarantee that on any given day, I'll stumble across some kind of 'guide to blogging' or 'how to write the perfect post', and I soak up that information like a sponge. There are some really clever people out there with a wealth of incredible advice.

There are tips from 'always double check your spelling and grammar', to 'try to take your readers on a journey with you'. A post should be well-written, have clear and well captured photographs, and offer the reader advice, an interesting piece of information, or teach them something. Between three hundred and five hundred words is best ... not too brief that the reader feels short-changed and not too long that they get bored. Tutorials or lists are always winners, apparently, and yes, I find those really interesting too.

'Let the reader in to your life', is something that I've read quite recently but I'm not so sure how entertained you'd be if I continually documented how little sleep I get or how often I bicker with my husband about who should do the weekly shop. Fascinating stuff, right? Do you want to know how many loads of washing I do a week? It's a lot but I'm sure that's of no interest to anyone bar Welsh Water and that's only so they can bill me for the 'pleasure'. 

With most of my posts, I do try to listen to and use some of the advice that I've read. I write to the best of my ability (which I think is about average), I mostly try to take the best photographs that I'm capable of (which I think are about average), and I hope that you find the things I write entertaining or useful.

However, today, I'm throwing all of that advice out of the window. Today, I'm writing this just for myself. Today, this post is for my memory and enjoyment, and maybe, just maybe, it will make you smile and nod too. If so, that's a bonus! It's been a difficult few days. My littlest is sick, my eldest is bored and my husband is working non-stop. We're all a bit tired. A bit short tempered. We all need a break and possibly a bit of a break from each other. Just as families do from time to time.

The real reason behind this post is because the sweetest of moments can occur even when you're feeling at your worst. And this is a reminder to myself to look out for them. Like this morning, stressed from chasing both boys around for what seemed like hours just to get them dressed, my littlest decided to hide. I never want to forget how delightful it is to watch a two year old trying to wrap himself up in a curtain with his little toes peeking out. Hearing him giggle because he thinks you can't see him and hopping from one foot to another because he's so excited. Some moments are begging to be documented and cherished for ever. And this is one of them. And that's what makes it the perfect post for me.

The Ordinary Lovely: Little toes