It started with Bunty ...

The Ordinary Lovely: Olive

It started with Bunty, and then came Mandy, Jackie was altogether more sophisticated, but none could compare to Just Seventeen, especially when you were actually thirteen. I grew up reading magazines, heading to the library to leaf through them when my mum refused to buy me any more, and I still find them an absolute treat even now. I no longer buy DVDs preferring to download films, all my music is on iCloud, and my house is mostly devoid of books with everything I read safely stored on my iPad. But magazines? Nothing beats holding an actual magazine in your hand. Studying the cover, folding down the corner of a page with a particularly enticing recipe or a 'must-buy' dress, or having a good old soak and reading about desert islands and distant shores. 

My current favourite magazine is Porter, the fashion magazine from the team at NET-A-PORTER. I've been subscribing to it for nearly a year now and adore the mix of fashion, beauty, interesting interviews, and cultural commentary. It took the place of Red magazine which I once thought was utterly brilliant but felt started to get a bit repetitive a couple of years ago.

Now, thanks to, who have kindly invited me to be part of their blogger network, three further magazines are going to be dropping through my letterbox for the next year. Yay! have an amazing selection of subscriptions available and it was so, so difficult to narrow it down to three but after much debate and deliberation, I chose Olive, Grazia and Condé Nast Traveller. So, obviously, I'm going to end the year cooking like a master chef, dressing like Carine Roitfeld and being able to tell you tales of the coolest bars to hang out in in Ibiza. You believe me, right?

Over the next twelve months, I'll be sharing snippets from all three magazines ... what I like, what I don't like, what I love. The first copies arrived a couple of weeks ago and already I'm head over heels for the recipes in Olive, have added more destinations to my bucket list after reading Traveller and am wondering if I might be ever so slightly older than Grazia's target demographic ... flares and crop tops, anyone? It's still a fun read though even if I was somewhat devastated to learn about the break up of Bennifer. I thought Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were in it for the long run. Who could've foreseen that? Why, Ben and Jen? Why?!

If you're interested in taking out a magazine subscription, do check out The Hub, the blog. It's packed with news, reviews, updates and competitions. It's a really good read in itself.

The Ordinary Lovely: Grazia
The Ordinary Lovely: Traveller

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