A cup of tea and a messy bed

The Ordinary Lovely: A cup of tea and a messy bed

What better on a cold, dark, damp and dreary January morning than a 4.30am wakeup call?! 

'You want play Lightning Queen, mama?'

'Uh, that would be no. But thank you for the kind offer.'

I'll be honest, at the ages of three and five, I kind of expected the sleeping-through-the-night thing to no longer be a topic of conversation. Was I naive? Is an undisturbed eight hours simply too much to ask for? Will I ever sleep again? These are questions that I ask myself pretty much every day.

It almost feels a bit cruel that we're still experiencing such horrendous sleep-depravation. I either get slept on or very little sleep at all. I love my two cherubs but they are a veritable sleep-thieving tag team of doom and I have the largest bags under my eyes to prove it. 

I have a big birthday coming up this year. And there's been talks of big gifts. Or perhaps, forty gifts. But, you know, I'd settle for two. Two of very little monetary value but my word, would I appreciate them.

A warm cup of tea and a messy bed.

New sheets would be nice, and plump pillows. And I wouldn't say no to the odd blanket or two. Maybe a fancy teacup. Definitely a selection of magazines. Of course, chocolate and macarons would be required. Forty of them, perhaps? Too many? Or not enough? What do you think?

A bed to myself ... a messy bed. With tea on tap. And to celebrate turning forty with forty undisturbed winks. I almost can't imagine what that would feel like. Heaven! 

I might have changed my mind come August if the summer brings sleep, but right now, I want sweet dreams as opposed to sparkling diamonds ... the luxury of a lie-in over anything else. A cup of tea in a messy bed is top of my wishlist ... I've even bought the print!

P.S. I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to messy beds, if you fancy a browse.

The Ordinary Lovely: A cup of tea and a messy bed