A first desk for a little star

The Ordinary Lovely: My first desk

While I was somewhat dismayed to be told that all of my 'fakeovers' were yucky and had to go, I've had a huge amount of fun over the past few weeks ridding my littlest's room of magnolia walls and painting it a cool, crisp white, instead. Gone is the green and in its place are much more distinctive blues and reds, and the Swiss crosses have disappeared in favour of the requested stars. We also said goodbye to a redundant chest of drawers and have welcomed a much longed-for desk.


Despite being a little bit miffed at having my décor choices insulted by a three year old.

The boy did good.

His room looks pretty cool.

What do you think?

Personally, I'm going to put it out there, I'm wondering whether he actually has better taste than me?

The Ordinary Lovely: My first desk

At three, I think he's still a touch young for a desk but he really wanted one (probably because he's the only person in our house without one) and while it will be quite some time before it's used for studying or working, he loves to sit at it and read his books and draw and paint (although, I closely supervise the painting after it took me five coats to blank out some of his previous 'artwork' on the patch of wall beneath the window).

The Ordinary Lovely: My first desk

The desk was kindly sent to us by one of the UK's biggest manufacturers and suppliers of office furniture, Kit Out My Office. Based in West Yorkshire, Kit Out My Office offer an immense selection of desks, storage and chairs (seriously, it took us hours to finally settle on a style and colour), free next day delivery and a ten year guarantee. After much discussion about whether a white top would remain white after an intense colouring-in session, we opted for the UCLIC Aspire A frame desk with a beech top and drawers (he's three ... we guessed a white top would seem too much like a blank canvas for any potential 'artwork') and are so pleased with it. It looks fantastic with its modern and unfussy frame. It really suits the room. 

We teamed the desk with some old favourites ... two Ikea picture ledges for the little dude's books and his Great Little Trading Co. pegboard wall organiser (which now looks very different since I last wrote about it ... the mini eggs are long gone, for a start).

The Ordinary Lovely: My first desk

And we added some new gems ... again from Great Little Trading Co. as part of our role on their testing team (there really is not better job, believe me). My little dude chose the navy star lamp which makes a lovely light for his desk but can be easily moved to his bedside table, if needs be. He loves the colour and the pattern and I love the fact that the LED bulb is fully enclosed so there's no danger of him burning his fingers. He also opted for the lift off penholder which, as the name suggests is a holder for pens. But not in our house where we all have a bit of a straw obsession. It's a great, little storage pot though, whatever you choose to put in it.

The Ordinary Lovely: My first desk

There was a little bit of a tussle over the slide and rule desk organiser, and while you might see it in pride of place on the desk in the photo below ... well ... it now has a new home ... in my husband's office. With four chunky containers which you can slide or stack, it's such a versatile desk tidy, and much like the majority of GLTC's products, can be used in any room of the house and by any member of the family.

The Ordinary Lovely: My first desk

The carry caddy was his last pick and I love the vibrant red colour with the white stars. It's so handy to store things like pens and paints in which you can then easily move from room to room (or hide on the wardrobe when you don't want the children to reach them). 

Both the red and the navy accents work really well with the white/beech desk (which was super easy to assemble, by the way ... I did it myself in around 20 minutes) - they're the perfect combination for a bright and cheerful child's room.

The Ordinary Lovely: My first desk

To finish off the room, I covered five clipboards in wallpaper, painted one in red, and then stuck them to the wall using command strips (our house is basically held together with command strips ... I love them). I think it's well documented that I'm a bit of a clipboard fan. They're so cheap, so easy to customise, and so useful, you really need one, or six, in your home.

The Ordinary Lovely: My first desk

It might sound strange but it was quite an emotional moment when it was all finished. I remember my first desk and it was so special. I spent so many hours at it drawing pictures and writing little plays. It tugs on my heartstrings a little to think of him doing the same. I can almost picture him growing in to a proper boy at this desk, pushing his floppy hair out of his eyes, but probably still shouting for his mama to bring him snacks and drinks.

So, a first desk for my currently quite little star. Do you like it?

A huge thanks go to Kit Out My Office and Great Little Trading Co. for working with me on this post. Both are wonderful companies so do check them out.