The 90s are now vintage *sobs*

The Ordinary Lovely: Clarks Originals from Cloggs

There it was, front and centre, black and white, staring mockingly at me on the landing page of ASOS Marketplace ... 90s vintage. 90s. Vintage. To be fair, I can't say which offended me the most ... the 90s being classed as vintage even though they only happened about a day ago or shellsuits once more being a 'thing' (take a look if you don't believe me). I'm all for the good things coming back around again ... biker jackets, big hair, pink streaks, checked shirts, yes ... shellsuits, hmm, best left to Vanilla Ice (Ice, Baby) and never to be spoken of again. Right?

The 90s was a busy decade for me. I finished high school, went to sixth form, headed to university for three years, and then started working. I might never have coveted a shellsuit but I did have the best pair of shoes to see me through from fourteen years old to twenty-four ... from a tiny village in North Wales to university in North Yorkshire and back again ... and from skipping through the village to get to the youth club disco to running through the halls to get to lectures. Those magic shoes were a pair of Clarks Desert Boots. And I loved them.

Along with a pair of white and neon green Nike Air Max, a Head bag, and a bright yellow Sony Sportsman, those boots were pretty much the best things I owned in the 90s and almost guaranteed me cool-factor. Although, as I didn't have a perm, I couldn't hope to reach the higher echelons of the cool club. But, you know, a perm?!! We're not talking tousled waves, here. The 1990s' hair icon was Kevin Keegan! So, a mid-ranking member of the cool club was more than sufficient for me.

Anyway, just as I was getting over the shock of the years which I so clearly remember now being classed vintage, an email from Cloggs pinged in to my inbox asking if I would like to take a look at a pair of shoes from the amazing, and amazingly vast, range on their website. 

Can you guess, in a fit of nostalgia, what I chose?

Yes, a pair of Clarks Originals Desert Boots. 

In a gorgeous, chocolate-coloured Suede.

And I love them just as much as when I was fifteen years old and slowly scuffing my way up to the school to sit my GCSEs.

And I love them just as much as when I was seventeen years old and wore them with turned up jeans and a checked shirt trying to sneak in to the local pub (I had no chance as the barman was our neighbour).

And I love them just as much as when I was nineteen years old and realised they looked pretty great with shorts, too, particularly on sunny days spent in beer gardens. 

Me and my desert boots. I wonder what adventures I'll have in them that will come rushing back to me in twenty years time when the twenty-tens are classed as vintage?

The Ordinary Lovely: Clarks Originals from Cloggs
The Ordinary Lovely: Clarks Originals from Cloggs

I can't stand photos of myself. At a quick glance, I looked at this and thought, 'Urgh. Scrawny legs and big boobs. I hate them'. But then I thought that in twenty years time, I might look back and say, 'Woohoo! Scrawny legs and big boobs! Those were the days!' 

The Ordinary Lovely: Clarks Originals from Cloggs

If in doubt (about scrawny legs and big boobs), a black and white filter makes everything look better!

The Ordinary Lovely: Clarks Originals from Cloggs

A huge thanks to Cloggs for my lovely, new shoes and a wonderful trip down memory lane.