Sweet and simple flower posies

The Ordinary Lovely: May Day posy

I love posies as opposed to vast arrangements of flowers. They're so sweet, simple, colourful and easy to put together and pop in a little jar. While I might be a touch late to join in with the Pagan tradition of leaving one on a loved one's doorstep on May Day, I thought I'd put three together for my own enjoyment for this month's styling the seasons post. With stems stolen from a Bloom & Wild delivery for a project I'm working on with Etsy (more on that, next week), I snipped them to size and haphazardly arranged them in my wild flower vases from Rose & Grey (although washed-out jam jars would work equally as well).

The posies are sitting on a shelf beside my front door and are proving to be a calming distraction when I'm at the end of my tether trying to get the boys on time for school in the morning. Just as I'm about to go from gentle persuasion to gritted teeth, I catch sight of my beautiful blooms and a certain amount of calm descends as I breathe in their scent and focus on the prettier things in life and not two little boys refusing to put their shoes on and shrugging off my attempts to help them with their coats. 

Because I'm still struggling with hay fever and taking those terrible tablets which rob you of the little energy your children leave you with, my vocabulary is even more limited than normal. To save my aching brain and itchy eyes, I found an excerpt from a sweet poem to share with you which sums up my feelings about May and how glorious this season is (when the sun shines and in a world where pollen makes you more beautiful and not red and sneezy).

May Day
By Helen Whitney Clark

The sky is all dappled with azure and white,
The woodlands are dotted with posies,
The blue-headed larkspur looks smiling and bright,
And the butterflies flirt with the roses.
And jack-in-the-pulpit is nodding his head,
While the honey bees cheerily hum;
The oriole swings in his snug hammock bed,
And the robin sings May-Day has come!

The Ordinary Lovely: May Day posy
The Ordinary Lovely: May Day posy
The Ordinary Lovely: May Day posy
The Ordinary Lovely: May Day posy
The Ordinary Lovely: May Day posy