When you love ALL the colour

My colourful living room corner
My colourful living room corner
My colourful living room corner

I often flick through glossy interiors magazines and coo over the sleek, minimal, monochrome interiors.

They're gorgeous.

And I inevitably sigh ... several times ... at the chicness of them all.

I imagine myself living in such a home.

I'm standing at the kitchen island, dressed head to toe in white, my hair doesn't stick up or stick out, and I'm at least two stone lighter, perhaps a foot taller, too. Plants don't die through neglect in my made up magazine-style home. And children aren't a bit grubby around the edges ... they probably don't walk over the pale floors in the filthiest rugby boots, either.

I look around me marvelling at the amazingness of my life and home, and I surprisingly think:

'Hmm, something's missing. Something's missing in my beautiful monochrome home. I wonder what it could be?'

And then it hits me:

'Do you know what's missing? Do you? What could it be? Could it be colour. Could it? Does my beautiful monochrome home need ALL the colour. Every single colour. Every single colour in every single corner. I believe it does. BRING FORTH THE COLOUR! ALL THE COLOUR!'

Yeah, it seems that I'm not really wired to live in a beautiful monochrome home.

Not unless I'm living in some kind of parallel universe when monochrome really equals rainbow-like.

It's safe to say that no Scandinavian would walk through my door and compliment me on my discrete taste. There will be no invitation to become an honorary member of their ridiculously cool interiors clan.

Sometimes I wonder whether all the years of sleep deprivation have finally taken their toll. Is this the result? Have I been brainwashed in to decorating my home akin to a CBeebies set? Has Mr Tumble been sending me subliminal messages?

'Use ALL the colour. Make your home Tumble-tastic.'

What can I say? Guilty! Come join us, Tumble!

So where do you stand? In my colourful corner? Or does fuchsia make you frown? Teal make you tearful? Are you a monochrome minimalist forever? Let me know!

My colourful living room corner
My colourful living room corner
My colourful living room corner

Wayfair kindly sent me a voucher to make my home even more colourful and cosy. I purchased the ochre knitted blanket and House Doctor vase with it. The A Stool is from byAlex, an amazing designer who makes the most stunning modern wood furniture.