September came but the world remained unconquered

September came but the world remained unconquered

All through the not so lovely and warm summer, despite having a great time with the boys, I can't lie, I had one eye on September. 

Oh, the grand plans I had for September. September was going to ...

Hang on, the washing machine has just beeped at me.

Sorry. Back now. Yes, September was going to be my month for conquering the world. There was nothing I couldn't do or wouldn't have time for come Septem ...

One minute, there's somebody at the door.

Just the postman. Where was I?

Yes, with both boys going to school full-time, September was going to bring me the gift of more time than I've had in years.

No more working through the night as I could get everything done in the day. No more grabbing random things for dinner as I'd have time to meal plan. The pile of books next to my bed would finally be opened and perhaps read. I'd have the ironing sorted before we actually needed to wear those specific cloth ...

Phone's ringing. Give me a second.

BT. Again. I think they must like my voice. They call constantly.

Anyway, I was going to be the ...

Text from Paul. Can he fit in another work trip between now and Christmas? Technically, yes. But really, another one?

So, from September onwards, I was going to be the most organised person ever with a work-life balance to kick all other work-life balances in the face. It was going to be awe ...

Oh God, hang on a minute, I need to order the boys some rugby socks ready for the weekend. If I don't do it now, they'll never get here in time.

What was I saying?

Yes, it was going to be awesome. I could take on more projects, actually spend time enjoying doing them, write more blog posts, be the best mum after school, talk to my husband rather than text him, have coffee with friends, paint the hou ..

That reminds me, I have a half-painted hallway and we've just put the house on the market. Need to sort that ASAP.

So, finish painting the house as opposed to merely starting the painting. I even thought that I might be able to fit in a course at the local college. Something fun, nothing too taxing, but surely I'd have a few hours spare a week for th ..

Party Rings! Party Rings came with this morning's shop. Biscuit time! I'll just pop the kettle on while I'm there. Won't be a mo! 

Apologies, I've not had chance for a single cup of tea all day and it's 2pm.

I'm now looking at the calendar, one which I'm pretty sure will be flipped to December in the blink of an eye, and I'm wondering what happened to all the conquering plans. Maybe September was a bit too hopeful? October could have been a better ch ...

Oh no! I forgot to pay for the boys' school lunch, today. One minute, I'll do it quickly on the app.

What was I wittering on about?

Something to do with conquering?



October could have been a better choice of month for the start of all the conquering, don't you think? Alas, that boat has sailed. And now it looks like November will be dedicated to house painting so I'll have to give conquering a miss over the next couple of weeks. December? I don't think anyone conquers anything other than wine and mince pies in December, do they?

Janua ...

Argh! I haven't rang the doctor's back. Should I do it now or wait until later when it will be less busy? Later!

So, January. What do you think? Is January a world conquering kind of month? Shall we give it a go? Are you in? Surely, there's nothing that can distract us? Other than Party Rings, obviously.

September came but the world remained unconquered