The joy of faffing

The Ordinary Lovely: The joy of faffing

I've never quite understood why faffing is generally seen as a negative thing. Of course, it's infuriating if it's your children doing it 27 seconds before you have to leave the house of a morning ... EVERY MORNING (please tell me it's not just my two). But those 'joyful' moments aside, isn't it so nice to idle away a few minutes here and there switching photos from one frame to another, choosing new prints for your dressing table, deliberating which candle to light next, or simply moving a vase or two from one room to another ... and then back again when you realise that you liked them just where they were?

The Ordinary Lovely: The joy of faffing

Maybe it's because there's very little on the television which interests me - I used to be a bit obsessed with Hollyoaks until I came to the realisation that I'm a million years older than the average cast member. And I don't get a great deal of time to be able to sit and immerse myself in a proper story book anymore - I love style and design books which I can delve in to for a few minutes here and there and admire the pretty pictures, though. So for the want of a hobby to partake in from the comfort of my own home and one that doesn't require the greatest of attention spans or time spent on it, faffing it is!

The Ordinary Lovely: The joy of faffing
The Ordinary Lovely: The joy of faffing

Can faffing be classed as a hobby? Can we agree that it can? Can we? Oh, go on! I might even add it to my CV as a life skill. Along with answerer of the world's most difficult and important questions, such as, 'does lettuce kill you or just make you very sick?' And holder of the fastest response time to 'can I have another snack?' The answer, for seventy billionth time, being, 'NO ... unless you want something from the fruit bowl'.

And so I faff. With pretty things, with copper things, with living, breathing green things, with prints, with pictures, and with perfect little pots. Sometimes to be photographed for blog posts or for Instagram and sometimes just because it's just a lovely way to stop, to slow down, to take stock, and to simplify - I solve so many problems and unravel so many issues by swirling them round in my head while I'm doing something completely different. It's therapeutic!

Faffing, it's a joy.

Let no one tell you otherwise.

Unless, you too start rearranging Match Attax cards when you're meant to be getting dressed for school or decide that your socks are all wrong 27 seconds before you need to leave the house.


The Ordinary Lovely: The joy of faffing
The Ordinary Lovely: The joy of faffing

My current favourite things for faffing with are:

- 'Cool' & 'Wild' prints - Desenio
- Copper picture frame - Desenio
- Black & mint print - c/o Word Up Prints
- Marble & copper R coaster - Oliver Bonas
- Wild fig & grape candle - c/o Beaumont Organic
- Botanical Style book - by Selina Lake
- Marble backdrop - Capture by Lucy
- Richlite R - ByALEX