Rachel with the good hair

Rachel with the good hair
Rachel with the good hair
Rachel with the good hair

It's milestone time!

And one that's not covered in a single baby book or parenting manual.

Not a single one.

Tomorrow, for the first time in seven years (post-kids, nights out have been way too rare), when my hairdresser asks, 'Are you going out tonight? Is that why you're having your hair done?',

I'll be able to say,

'Yes! Yes, I bloody am. YES!'

My normal response is usually something along the lines of,

'No. I'm just going to go home and show my good hair to the mirror and then sleep on it.

Both love it.

The mirror and the pillow.

They can't get enough of it.

They'd stand up and applaud the good hair if they weren't inanimate objects.'

But tomorrow, I will skip out of the door ready to show my good hair to the world. The world! The entire world! The entire small part of the world that is Chester!

'Look at me, world. Look at my good hair. Look at it. It swooshes and swirls. I am Rachel with the good hair.'

Then, I shall Instagram the good hair for everyone to see and admire (probably not, though, because I don't really like taking pictures of myself).

'Bow down to the good hair, world!'

Yes, tomorrow I'm going to put on an actual dress (not dressing gown) and actual heels (proper, not kitten) and actual lip stick (Dior not balm) and take my good hair out to dinner with my husband. And drink cocktails. And carry a small bag. And not come home until my feet hurt. But my good hair will still be looking ... well ... good.

At last, real actual people (and not just my pillow) who go out at nighttime will know that I have good hair.

Good hair!

I will be forever known as Rachel with the good hair!

P.S. Nothing to do with good hair .... more to do with the photos I share when my house is tidy (that'll be on Tuesday afternoons after it's been cleaned) ... the Daily Mail has just included me in a list entitled 'seven of the hottest bloggers that will give you serious home décor envy'. If that's not a reason to start the weekend with a gin and tonic, I don't know what is, right? Cheers!