The real reason I use Instagram aka I wore frills and I liked it

The real reason I use Instagram aka I wore frills and I liked it

There are so many reasons why people use Instagram, nowadays. It could be to share their amazing photographs, to meet like-minded creatives, to forge an online community, to keep a visual diary of their everyday lives, or perhaps because they have the coolest and cutest dog in the world. Who doesn't love cute puppy pictures?!

Whether your a sharer or a browser, you can while away hours on what is my very favourite social media platform. Inevitably, there are a few oddballs on there too but 'report and block' takes seconds and then you can go back to scrolling through amazing breakfasts, beautiful sunsets, and stylish outfit posts. Oh, those stylish outfit posts!

But me?

And the real reason why I use Instagram?

Well, it's mainly because my husband doesn't often listen to me.

Or, more to the point, I use Instagram for the moments and for the things where he stares at me confused or blankly as if to say, 'and this is interesting, why?', or, 'you're sharing this with me because?'.

And I look at him, and shake my head, and say,

'But, Paul, I'm wearing frills. FRILLS. And frills are a thing. They're fashionable. On trend. Frills! Can't you see them, Paul? Frills! Frills, I tell you. For God's sake, Paul. Look. At. These. Frills!'

But does he look at them? Well, yes. But only momentarily. And then, with little to no response. 

He doesn't care about the frills!


Can you believe that?

He. Does. Not. Care. About. The. Frills.

And frills are a thing! They are. They really, really are. I read it in Grazia. They must be a thing.


A thing! 

They are!

So to all my friends on Instagram and InstaStories, I thank you.

For being there when I need you.

For listening.

For knowing things.

And for recognising the frills.

I wore frills.

And both Instagram and I liked it!