Too old for gold?

Too old for gold and other 1am musings

Through stresses, strains, upheavals, and struggles, one thing has always been pretty certain in my life ... when I close my eyes, I sleep. 

'I just can't get to sleep', or, 'I lay awake worrying'.

Two things that I've never uttered.

Tossing, turning, mulling things over. No. 

Thinking about to do lists? Worrying about work? Concerned about the boys?


But not at night.

I've always had the uncanny ability to clear my mind and fall straight to sleep.

Until a couple of weeks ago.

Two weeks ago, a pair of gold trainers made their way in to my life and home (because I bought them ... they didn't walk themselves up to my door) and have caused me sleepless nights ever since.

The main problem? The thing, above all else, that has finally managed to steal sleep from me? The worry that wakes me?


Yes, am I too old for gold trainers?

Am I?

What do you think?

Trainers? No.

But gold ones?

I just don't know.

Yeah, yeah, I know that age is but a number but when you think of gold trainers, you think of slinky young things hopping around fancy city streets. Right? Team those gold shoes with a body warmer, school bags, and slightly unkempt hair and I'm not so sure that the look is a covetable one soon to be seen on the pages of Grazia.

'A trip to Tesco, you say? Hang on a moment while I lace up my gold shoes!'

'School run time! Let me grab my gold pumps.'

'Mopping? Why there's a chore that's calls out for metallic footwear.'

Am I too old for gold?

Why is this causing me so much worry?

It feels like a pivotal moment.

Forsake the gold, forsake frivolous fashion.

Forsake the gold, forsake flightiness and turn in to a proper adult.

I don't want to be too old for gold!

But I think I might be.

What do you think?

Keep the gold? Switch them for something more sensible? Is silver safer? Boring black?

What do I do?