A botanical themed bathroom on a budget #UKHomeBlogHop

A botanical themed bathroom on a budget

Welcome back to another #UKHomeBlogHop! This week, Kimberly from Swoon Worthy has once again gathered together an amazing group of homes and interiors bloggers for an extra special summer-themed feature. Every day this week, at 11am GMT, a few of us will be sharing a room that has been given a refresh reminiscent of the warmer months of the year. I'll put a full list of all of the posts which will go live throughout the week at the bottom of the page, as well as the next blog on the hop so that you can pop along. 

Also, a huge welcome to anyone who has clicked over from Apartment No. 4 - my home is nowhere near as stylish as Victoria's (I have two messy children) but I'm equally as keen to show how you can create a beautiful home regardless of your budget so I hope you find something interesting to read here, too.

When starting to think about which room to give a bit of a summer vibe to, my bathroom wasn't even on my radar. I had high hopes for sharing a garden makeover but sat at my dining table typing this, I can spot a cement mixer and a multitude of tools in the middle of the patio. It's a week or two away from being finished so will have to be the subject of a future post.

Next, I considered the living room or dining room, both perfect for some summer style. Alas, a leak in the shower room above them means that they're both currently covered in huge water stains from ceiling to floor and will remain so until the insurance company decides upon the next steps.

Unwilling to touch the bedrooms as I seem to be permanently tinkering with them, it left me with just the main bathroom to transform (or the home office, but in the midst of all the chaos, I couldn't face dealing with the three years of 'stuff' that I've been hoarding there).

When we first bought our house five years ago, it was to rent it out. We had no intention of actually living in it. We chose the plainest, most functional bathroom suite and tiles wanting it to be practical and inoffensive rather than a style statement. And so it has remained.

But it got me thinking. If you love new trends or want to give a room a refresh, how do you go about it if you live in rented accommodation? You obviously don't want to spend a fortune and you're mostly not allowed to knock nails in to a wall. But you don't want to reside in a personality-free zone, do you? So, I set about giving our uber plain bathroom a simple no-nails, summer botanical theme. And on a budget.

Here's the 'before'.

A botanical themed bathroom on a budget

And here's the 'after'.

A botanical themed bathroom on a budget

It's amazing how a few modest purchases can pack a room with personality. From bland and boring to bright and botanical in seconds (well, a couple of hours).

Let me walk you through some of the details and my top tips for revamping a rented room on a budget:

1. Invest in a timeless piece

A botanical themed bathroom on a budget

I know we're talking about budget buys and a botanical themed bathroom, but I think it's always good to invest in the odd piece or two that bucks trends and stands the test of time. These pieces act as the bones of the room. You can take them from rented home to rented home, and dress them differently depending on whichever trend is your current favourite.

At £165, this gorgeous Wireworks Mezza Caddy from Houseology still won't break the bank. And its minimal feel and practical design mean that you'll always find a place for it wherever you live, and not necessarily in the bathroom.

In this instance, I've added added plants and palm leaf accessories to add to the botanical theme but I'm also using the caddy as useful storage for extra hand soaps and creams. It's the perfect storage solution but so simple to accessorise for any trend that takes your fancy.

A botanical themed bathroom on a budget

2. Add greenery

A botanical themed bathroom on a budget

You can't have a botanical themed bathroom without an abundance of greenery. Personally, I'm the kiss of death to anything other than the most hardy of succulents. It's a curse. Wayfair kindly offered to support the #UKHomeBlogHop and thanks to a generously donated gift voucher, I was able to purchase two faux palms in a pot.

Close up, plant aficionados won't be fooled, but they're lifelike enough to feel like you're bathing in a jungle and the green contrasts so amazingly well with the all-white bathroom. I love them.

A botanical themed bathroom on a budget

3. Use bathroom products as props

A botanical themed bathroom on a budget

When it comes to a botanical theme, even your everyday bathroom accessories can get in on the act. You don't have to buy additional products specifically to match your new favourite trend but maybe highlight the ones that you already have that do. My choice of shampoo and conditioner is Botanicals, and for skincare, I love Pixi products which come in lovely green packaging. I use YOPE hand soap and the brown bottles look lovely next to plants and botanical prints. 

A botanical themed bathroom on a budget

4. Buy versatile items

A botanical themed bathroom on a budget

As I mentioned earlier, adopting a new trend is somewhat akin to living in rented accommodation in so much as you don't want to go all out and invest a fortune on it. Items which can be used for different purposes and in different rooms (or different homes) are the most cost-effective buys.

My bargain copper bin from Homebase (copper works so well with greenery and botanical-inspired interiors) makes a marvellous plant pot, the bird and leaf tumbler from Asda (£3's worth of botanical gorgeousness) is a great toothbrush holder but would also make a brilliant vase or cup on a summer-themed dining table, and the palm leaf pencil case I picked up from Paperchase is an amazing mini makeup bag to grab and go. All would have a use beyond the bathroom and botanical trend, making them great bargain buys.

A botanical themed bathroom on a budget
A botanical themed bathroom on a budget

5. Stock up on command hooks and strips

A botanical themed bathroom on a budget

Finally, if you live in rented accommodation or are looking to temporarily dress a room, command hooks and strips are an absolute must. They basically stick anything to walls. No drill, no nails required. They're amazing.

I've mentioned them several times before but if you're after gorgeous prints for an extremely affordable price, head to the Desenio site. The choice is amazing, the quality fantastic, and they also have lovely frames, too.

I was, and still am, reluctant to drill holes in tiles even though I'm not renting so I bought lightweight, plastic (as opposed to glass) frames so that the prints would be easy enough to stick to the wall with a couple of command strips. And the monstera leaf and palm leaf really are the finishing touches to my botanical themed bathroom.

The botanical trend is absolutely perfect for summer. Open the window to let in the (probably temporary) warmth and play Club Tropicana on loud and you'd almost believe that you were abroad! The drinks are not free but you can simply pop to your fridge for them (apologies to non Wham fans or those born later than 1983 for this bewildering sentence).

A botanical themed bathroom on a budget
A botanical themed bathroom on a budget
A botanical themed bathroom on a budget

Now it's time to head over to see Bianca at French for Pineapple (the best blog name ever). Prepare yourselves for a beautiful summer-themed dining room.

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A botanical themed bathroom on a budget