Creating the perfect children's bedroom

Creating the perfect children's bedroom
Creating the perfect children's bedroom
Creating the perfect children's bedroom

Hello! How are you? How's your summer going?

As you can probably imagine, with my two boys off school for six weeks, time for me to write and post on here is quite scarce. Instead, I've been fielding frequent requests for snacks (like every twelve seconds) and refereeing some mammoth bickering sessions.

However, over the past day or two, they seemed to have calmed down somewhat and realised that they can actually get along if they stop turning every single little thing in to a competition ... 

'Race you to the fridge!' 

'First one up the stairs!' 

'I can jump higher!'

'I'm dressed first!'

Followed by the inevitable ...

'I don't like you, you're not coming to my party'.

Their birthdays are in October and January ... the party threat is somewhat diminished with them being MONTHS away.

Anyway, I'm writing this with my sanity still in tact ... just. And my ability to string a sentence together only mildly wanting compared to when both boys are in school.

I've just posted a tour of my six year old's bedroom over on the Great Little Trading Co. blog, Make A Happy Home. I interviewed myself for it which was a bit odd, but even though I wrote the questions, I still had to think really hard about the answers, particularly the one about how to create the perfect children's bedroom.

I love Pinterest and Ideal Home and have more than one board and several folders full of ripped out pages dedicated to cool kids' rooms but I do sometimes think that we (and I include myself in this) can push our own quest for interiors perfection on to our little ones.

For example, I know that grey is incredibly popular in homes and I also know that it's an extremely sensible and versatile option for a nursery or child's room, but I also struggle to believe that any child, given a choice, would choose an all grey room. Or do I struggle to believe it because I like more saturated colours instead? I don't know. Please tell me if your child genuinely loves grey and has requested an all grey room. I'm really interested to know.

Anyway, my top tip for putting together the perfect bedroom is to turn off the computer, close the interiors magazines, and actually sit down with your child and ask them what they want and what they like. And then think about how they're going to use the room. Do they need a space to play, a cosy corner to sit and read, a desk to do homework at? 

And the colours they like? Having been asked by my six year old to paint his bedroom a mixture of orange, red and black, I nearly did push back and suggest grey ;) I'm not going to tell you that you have to do everything that your children ask you to do. But there's always a middle ground and both my boys, while they have mostly white walls, have accessories in ALL the colours that they love. And a good mismatch of dinosaurs, superheroes, stars, stripes and mountains. With such varied interests, there was no way I could get them to stick to a single theme. In my dreams!

Anyway, if you head over to the GLTC blog you can read the full interview and see more photos of my son's room. It might not be a Pinterest-perfect bedroom, but it's a real one, and a really loved one at that. 

Have a great weekend!

Creating the perfect children's bedroom