A colourful home in the country

A colourful home in the country

As we're days away from exchanging contracts on our new home (fingers crossed), I'm now allowing myself to actually imagine us living in it. House-buying is such a nerve-wracking process. Your head tries to remain in the present until the ink is dry and the money transferred but your heart moves on the moment your offer's accepted.

I just hope that I'm not tempting fate by mentioning it, trying to plan where all of our things will go, and yes, how we'll (I'll) decorate it. Don't worry, I'm not yet at the mood board/paint swatches stage. But as you can probably imagine, I've reacquainted myself with Pinterest recently.

The new house is quite different from any home that we've had before. It's not a new build; it's older and a lot more countrified. There's definitely a cottage feel to it - the layout is quirky, there are wooden beams, a log burner, and very little stainless steel in sight.

I imagine it's going to take us a while to settle in and find our way around before we properly put our stamp on it. Although we do have a few things to buy when we first move in, going from a house with fitted wardrobes to one with none and also having a second sitting room to play around with. And the boys took advantage of a wine-fuelled Christmas evening to secure the promise of a playhouse and swings, which they're now expecting to arrive within minutes of us moving in, obviously.

As I mentioned before, I've lost of few hours of my life on Pinterest recently. But I'm beginning to think it's broken. Seriously. If not broken, definitely faulty. Don't believe me? Head on over and type 'colourful country home' in the search bar.

Spot something interesting about the results?

Go on, look. It's the same if you type in 'colourful country interiors' and 'colourful country decor'. Notice a theme? Can you see what it is?

Yes, it would seem that the only colours that appear in Pinterest country homes are grey and beige. Honestly. There's the occasional duck egg front door for the daring and Farrow and Ball's Railings for the drama seekers. But other than those? Just variations of grey and beige.

Where are the colourful homes in the country?

Do people who live in country homes not like colour?

Perhaps they're surrounded by such picturesque scenes that they don't need any further brightness in their homes? Will I stop liking ALL the colours when I move? Will I start to swap fuchsia for blush pink? Teal for baby blue? It's a genuine worry ... and a potential expense that we haven't budgeted for. 

So, I've been having a play around with pieces of furniture that we already own and some of my favourite accessories, to try to create a little bit of a colourful country home look that I can see working for us. Yes, it's in our very modern, new build living room but it's been super helpful to get me thinking about the potential look and feel I want for our new home without having to start from scratch and bankrupting us.

Black and white, early 80s, sporting memorabilia aside (read Prosecco Purchase Roulette, if you don't know what I'm referring to), I think my natural taste in homeware and interiors might actually lend itself to a contemporary and colourful country kind of style.

What do you think?

I've got textures, tassels, trusty teal, and tasteful tea cups (gin tea cups are tasteful, right?). They might not add up to a traditional country look but I think they might be the start of MY country look (minus the copious amounts of Lego that would be scattered over the floor if this was a real life set-up). I know the grey armchair is probably the opposite of country charm but I shipped it back from Switzerland when we moved home to North Wales and it's still a favourite so it has to stay.

A colourful home in the country
A colourful home in the country

Taking pride of place in my contemporary, country cottage corner is my brand new Turtle Mat. It's the Teal Diamond mat from the recently launched Lume collection, and fits perfectly with my colourful over traditional tastes.

I love the design and while its permanent home is going to be by our new front door, I think it would look fabulous elsewhere, too - utility room, boot room, bathroom, it's even soft enough to place next to my bed. Despite the name, door mats don't don't necessarily need to be placed next to a door. Just check out Turtle Mat Lume's instagram account if you don't believe me! 

Most importantly, mainly because I have a grubby, rugby-playing child whose mud-covered boots regularly make an unwanted appearance in our home, Lume mats are machine washable. It means you can pick a pretty pattern without living in fear of it being trampled on and ruined. No more buying dark, drab door mats; choose one that makes you happy and brightens up your doorways and hallways, instead. 

And the mats come with an anti-slip rubber back so you don't have to worry about them moving around as your children run over them - always a worry, the speed my two enter the house.

A colourful home in the country
A colourful home in the country

Why not pop over to look at Turtle Mat's Lume collection and let me know your favourite. There are some really lovely designs. And tell me, do you live in the countryside? Is your home either grey or beige or have you introduced other colours, too? There must be some colourful homes in the country out there somewhere!

A colourful home in the country

This post was written in collaboration with Turtle Mat.