Pre-move decluttering with Clearabee

Pre-move decluttering with Clearabee

Having FINALLY exchanged contracts last week, and with a move date set for mid Feb, you can probably imagine that I'm now in MAJOR sorting and decluttering mode. 

What do we have that we don't want?

What do we have that we don't need?

And what do we have that simply won't work in the new house?

I've often prided myself on my ability to not accumulate stuff (that makes me sound so boring, doesn't it? ... I promise you that I have other, more exciting skills, to be proud of, too).

I like pretty things but I generally have a less is more approach.

Or so I thought.

Upon closer inspection, it would seem that what I'm actually really good at is relegating things to the back of the garage. Crazy good at it, in fact. Insanely good.

Yes. Be gone with you, Smuggy McSmugFace!

Laughably, when rubbish removal experts Clearabee, first got in touch with me a few months ago about reviewing their service, I declined.

'Oh no, we're a pretty minimal household. There's no decluttering to be done here.'

Ha ha ha.

Then our move was confirmed, we checked the garage, and it went something like this ...

'Lovely, wonderful Clearabee, pleeeeeeease let me review your service, pleeeeeeease.'

They relented, said yes, and now I can tell you all about them and how I've been left with a super tidy, super decluttered garage. Woohoo!

Pre-move decluttering with Clearabee

Clearabee offer two different types of rubbish clearance: same day (or any day) man and van rubbish removal, and a skip bag service (known as Beebags), which we opted for.

You choose the size of bag you want (there's a handy size guide on the website), order it online or by telephone, wait for it to arrive the next day, fill it, and then, when you're ready, arrange, again online or by telephone, for it to be collected. It's that simple.

We initially dithered over the same day man and van service but because of the time of year and the temperamental weather, thought a skip bag might be a better option for us. And it turned it to be true.

On four different occasions we'd planned to clear out the garage but were thwarted by snow, chicken pox, weather warnings, and chicken pox again.

Having the neatly folded Beebag tucked away as opposed to a man and van service booked, or even a real skip sat on the driveway, meant that we were under no pressure to brave the elements or eschew our calamine lotion duties, and could instead wait for a sunny spell to get everything done.

And so a few days ago, during a temporary reprieve from the dismal weather, Paul unfolded the X Large bag (the same size as twelve washing machines or a builders skip), and got to work ... while I supervised from the sidelines and occasionally squealed about the appearance of spiders.

What can I say? I'm a big help.

Pre-move decluttering with Clearabee
Pre-move decluttering with Clearabee
Pre-move decluttering with Clearabee
Pre-move decluttering with Clearabee

You can put almost anything in a Beebag. You pay for the size of the bag you want and that price is fixed providing that all of your rubbish fits within it and isn't overweight. If you end up overloading a bag or have extra waste, Clearabee can still remove it but a surcharge will apply.

Take a look at the FAQs for all the nitty gritty.

Pre-move decluttering with Clearabee

When the bag was full and the garage once again resembling the zen palace that is my clutter-denying mind, I popped online and booked a collection for the very next morning and was sent confirmation through almost immediately with an hour's time slot . And the next day, I received a further email when the driver was fifteen minutes away telling me his name and license plate number.

Within half an hour of this happy chap arriving, the entire contents of the Beebag had been decanted in to the back of his van almost as if it had never ever been there.

And the best bit?

Over 90 percent of the rubbish Clearabee collects is diverted from landfill!

Pre-move decluttering with Clearabee
Pre-move decluttering with Clearabee

Moving house, renovating, redecorating, or even trying to stick to your decluttering new year's resolution, I would absolutely recommend Clearabee. The service is great value, brilliantly flexible and incredibly efficient. I would definitely use the company again.

Pre-move decluttering with Clearabee

I received this service, which would have cost £249.99, free of charge in return for sharing my honest opinion.