Prosecco purchase roulette

Prosecco purchase roulette

A hot topic amongst bloggers is how to find your style. It could be your writing style, your photography style, your Instagram theme, the way you dress, the way you express yourself, how you choose to live or, if you tend to blog about interiors like me, how to decorate your home.

Your very own unique style is an important thing. It sums you up, gives you an authentic voice, helps you to feel comfortable and confident in your own skin and lets others know exactly what you're about.

Of course, you can deviate from it. There's no need to put yourself in a tightly sealed box and never venture out of it again. How boring and limiting would that be? But you're you, and the way you feel about things, react to events, express yourself, and present yourself to the world ... well, you're the only one who does it in that way. You're one in a few billion and isn't that amazing?!

But how do you define your style? Being the authentic you is sometimes easier said than done. Ignoring all outside influences and knowing that you're making a truly heartfelt, head-considered decision can be hard.

Up until recently, I would have suggested creating a mood board ... either on Pinterest or a real life one. Semi-blindly (as in without thought and not with your eyes closed ... obviously) cut, paste, pin anything that catches your eye or that you somehow feel drawn to. Chances are you'll spot some similarities between everything you choose. And in and amongst the chaos, a theme or a look or a style will reveal itself to you.

BUT, over Christmas, I hit upon another method that you're going to be well and truly blown away by. If you really want to find or define your style, then you absolutely must try prosecco purchase roulette! Trust me, what the authentic you would choose ... what you truly, deeply desire in life ... alcohol and a credit card will provide.

Don't believe me? Well, I am the ultimate test case. I spent a snowy December evening feet up, laptop on, cold glass of Prosecco in hand. Mood boards to the left of me, inspirational images to the right. With redecorating on my mind, I knew I was close to conjuring up my dream colour scheme and the ideal style to suit our modern family.

And that style?

Well, it would seem that after a few drinks, my head and heart combine to will my fingers to type 'Ian Botham cigar photo' in to google. A couple of days later, this turned up at my door.

Prosecco purchase roulette


So there you have it. Using the prosecco purchase roulette method and ignoring all external influences, the authentic me has a bit of a thing for black and white, early 80s, sporting memorabilia. Signed, of course. I'm fancy like that. I don't know what exact label or labels you'd give to my innate sense of style. Current and covetable are probably the two, right? If you'd like to hire me for an interior design consultation, just ping me an email. This kind of talent shouldn't be contained to my own four walls.

Tell me, what's the strangest thing you've ever bought for your home ... either under the influence or due to a moment of temporary insanity? I'd love to know. And here's a closeup because, well, just look at him!!

Prosecco purchase roulette