You are such a good boy, mama!

You are such a good boy, mama!

I spoke at a blogging workshop a couple of weeks ago and was asked about the key to successful blog post. The million dollar question, hey? And one that I’m not entirely sure that I’m equipped to answer. But after giving it some thought, I said that a post has to be informative, or entertaining, or meaningful to the writer. Better if it’s two of those things, and nailing all three in a single post is obviously the holy grail. Not so easy to do, though.

This post? Well, this post is most definitely ‘c’, meaningful to the writer. Perhaps with a bit of ‘b’ thrown in (in a ‘how sweet?!’ kind of way rather than amusing or gripping) but I can’t really claim that it’s in any way, shape or form informative. It’s a post for me, really. One for the virtual memory bank to look back on when I’m old and grey(er).

Life has been chaotic recently and I’m in danger of overlooking the small joys while I’m panicking about my ever increasing to do list. It’s my own fault. I’m like a magpie for fun projects and autumn entertaining:

’I can’t possibly take on any more wor …. ooo, that sounds amazing, count me in!’

’Can we not have a single quiet weekend without any pla …. ooo, shall we invite everyone round for a gin night?! I love gin!!’

’It’s so nice to have a quiet Sunday at hom … quick the sun’s shining, let’s spend the day in Chester.’

You get the picture? Yes, I’m the person that sighs every morning about being so busy and then finds themselves with five finger-tapping minutes spare in the evening and adds a million projects and events to an already packed family calendar. I can’t help myself. I both love and fear the idea of being bored.

But, this? This is definitely a moment worth slowing down for. To soak it up, to savour it, and to document it (something I don’t do so much of any more, as the more people that read my blog, the more I want to run away and hide and reveal absolutely nothing; it’s an ongoing internal battle for me).

When it comes to kids, it’s so difficult to manufacture a memory, a moment or even a tradition. You can plan the perfect treat, the most amazing day out, or even a fabulous holiday but you just never know what’s going to pack a punch in those curious, haphazard brains of theirs and make their eyes widen, their lips smile and their little toes wiggle in glee. It’s often the spontaneous, unexpected gestures or events that have the most meaning or are somehow the most fun.

For the past couple of weeks, my five year old and I have been communicating via a years old Fisher-Price sketcher. I tuck him in to bed, give him a kiss goodnight and so he can be sure that I’ve popped back in to check on him before I go to sleep myself, he writes a little message for me to find, like the one from earlier this week:

’I love you. You are such a good boy.’

I can’t correct the ‘good boy’ bit. It’s too cute, right?

And then I leave a reply for him to find in the morning when he wakes up. It’s become our secret ritual and one that he’s so excited about it. It’s rare for him to spend the whole night in his own bed but this sweet game of message-hide-and-seek is most definitely helping him to do that. I love it, too. I can’t wait to creep in to his room and find out what he’s written every night. It’s a real joy at the end of a (self induced) chaotic day. A proper heartwarming ‘aww’ moment.

Do you have any similar rituals in your home or with your children? The gestures don’t always have to be grand to be meaningful, do they? I think we could all do with a few more small joys in our lives.

You are such a good boy, mama!