I'm calling it ... it's Christmas!

My Style At Home Christmas Photo Shoot

I tried to resist. I really, really did. I tried so hard. At first, I managed to avoid the festive chocolate aisle in the local supermarket. Something so bloody difficult when it’s your favourite food group. Then I managed to suppress an excited tingle at the appearance of the first jolly adverts on the TV. I even turned down an invitation to a private Christmas shopping event at one of my favourite shops. Self control or what?!

But then it started.

Subtly, at first.

Twinkly lights on the mantlepiece … because of the darker evenings, you know? And a simple star decoration - okay, two simple star decorations - in the living room … because the walls need that extra something and stars aren’t just for Christmas, right?


But over the past week, things have spiralled out of control. Mince pies have been mentioned (more than once), Christmas crackers purchased and talk has turned to festive table settings. For someone who normally denies all knowledge of Christmas until December and who puts their tree up closer to the Eve than the 1st, being prematurely seduced by sparkly decorations and shiny centrepieces is behaviour bordering on crazy.

What could possibly have brought this madness on?

Do you know?

Care to hazard a guess?

Well, it’s only because I’m in an actual Christmas magazine, standing next to an actual Christmas tree, holding an actual Christmas decoration. That kinda makes it Christmas RIGHT NOW, right? Okay, you might have missed that it’s me - coiffed hair, massive eye lashes, wearing heels, and little to no evidence of the slobber and smears that come from being the mother of two young children - but I assure you, it really is.

So, go. Go pick up a copy of this month’s Style At Home magazine. Why? Partly for evidence that once in a while I don footwear other than wellies or Ash trainers, but mostly because it’s packed full of festive inspiration, seasonal surprises, and after all … yes, I’m calling it … it’s Christmas!

My Style At Home Christmas Photo Shoot
My Style At Home Christmas Photo Shoot