It's cool to live in the countryside

Woodland themed children's bedroom

With a slight Peter Rabbit addiction and a major Wind in the Willows obsession, it didn't come as a complete surprise to me when my five year old stepped in to his soon-to-be new bedroom (just over one week to go now) while we were viewing the house and stated that he wanted it to be a 'cool countryside' themed room.

He's a bit of a dreamer, a sensitive soul, and loves collecting things on walks to display in his room. I swear he keeps an unbelievably accurate inventory as should one conker from the million or one acorn from the mass make its way in to the bin, he knows about it. Inevitably (and correctly - I'm not so keen on all the rotting 'treasures' he squirrels away), I'm to blame and within minutes a 'no mamas allowed' sign appears on his door. Yes, he's a cheeky one, too.

Woodland Rave wallpaper from Wild Hearts Wonder

So, a room that's a mixture of cool and whimsy is perfect for him.

The main focus is going to be the completely stunning Woodland Rave wallpaper from Wild Hearts Wonder.

Badgers raving around a ghetto blaster, foxes playing cards and hares enjoying afternoon tea ... I'd happily plaster my whole house in this print. It's fun, imaginative and perfect for a little boy's bedroom that overlooks nothing but greenery and wildlife. I can't wait to see it on the wall.

For those of you who know my history with wallpaper, fear not, I will not be attempting to put it up myself. I have learnt my lesson. I know my limits. I will simply stand back and enjoy the finished view.

Since deciding on the wallpaper, I've been scouring the internet for cute and quirky products and accessories that will slot seamlessly in to a countryside themed room but that will also work if he changes his mind in a couple of years. I think we all know that children can be fickle when it comes to likes and dislikes!

I've made a mood board with all of the things that we're going to use. Some you might recognise from his current bedroom, a few I picked up in the January sales, and there's a couple that I still have to buy. We've been having a bit of a play around with them to see if they all fit together.

Woodland themed children's bedroom

If you pop over to the Laura Ashley blog, you can read a little bit more about this chest of drawers makeover and my top tips if you have children like mine who want to 'help' with decorating. My young apprentice did really well but my nerves were shattered!

Woodland themed children's bedroom

Here's the mood board. I've tried not to make it overtly theme-y. I want the room to have a natural, classic feel but with a fun and colourful nod to the countryside. What do you think?

Woodland themed children's bedroom

1. woodland rave wallpaper 2. hare framed print 3. star shelf 4. felt fox head coat hook 5. felt wall mounted fox head 6. dar effie desk light 7. metal storage box 8. duvet cover 9. kindness art print 10. folding chair 11. umbra woodrow waste bin 12. ivory and natural rope storage basket 13. ivory and dark grey rope storage basket 14. bookcase 15. sherwood wardrobe 16. height chart

A new carpet is being fitted on the day that we move in (yep, it's going to be chaos) and then, we just need to decide on a paint colour. I'm leaning towards my favourite grey, Laura Ashley's pale dove grey - we used it for the mountains in his current room.

Obviously, the next few weeks are going to be incredibly busy. I'll only be posting on here every Sunday instead of twice per week. Admittedly, I'm not the most prolific Instagrammer - I'd rate my efforts a D- at best - but I'm going to try and share some snippets from the move over there (@theordinarylovely) if you want to follow along.

I'm so excited!