Bathroom plans ... come, take a look!

Bathroom renovation ... the 'before' pictures

It's been over three weeks since the big move, two weeks since all the boxes were unpacked, and one week since I first picked up a paintbrush (to paint a set of drawers, not the walls ... yet). I stand by my remarks about not wanting to rush in a do too much to the house before we've lived in it for a while but there's one room which already has me wanting to wield a sledgehammer.

The bathroom.

Don't get me wrong, it's okay and everything works. But isn't that just the most boring sentence that you've ever read? Who wants to relax in an okay bathroom when the best comment that you can make about it is that everything works?

I feel really bad about ripping things out that haven't been used to their full potential. It seems like a waste. But the survey flagged up a couple of ventilation issues that need resolving so it's a room that I can now address with little to no guilt. Knowing we'd have this work to do, we held on to some of the equity from our old house (this tool can tell how much your home is potentially worth) and providing I don't fritter it away on even more cushions and lights, we can make the bathroom something really quite special.

Here are a couple of completely unstaged photos to give you more of an idea about what we're working with. I have to say that my two boys love this bathroom. They think the blue tiles are amazing and are very confused as to why I'd want to change them.

Bathroom renovation ... the 'before' pictures
Bathroom renovation ... the 'before' pictures

What do you think?

It's ripe for a little bit of renovating, right?

Playing on my mind at the moment is the room configuration and whether there's a way to fit in a separate shower and bath. I don't think there's currently quite enough space but there's a cupboard, accessed from the landing, behind the bath that we could possibly make part of the bathroom to give us those much needed extra inches.

Here's a photo so you can see what I mean.

Bathroom renovation ... the 'before' pictures

Losing that cupboard could make a huge difference to the size and layout of the bathroom. I think I could take a hit on storage space in exchange for a super power shower. It seems like a fair trade, right?

Despite my propensity to throw colour at everything, style-wise, I like my bathrooms to be a little more sedate. So we're possibly opting for a monochrome theme but warmed up with a touch of walnut somehow or somewhere. Yes, I've been pinning. But I bet you'd already guessed that. Here's my 'beautiful bathrooms' board.

Because this room and renovation is so important to me, I'm bringing in the big guns to get it right. Do you know Karen from Making Spaces? She's been an online friend of mine for ages and is a seriously talented interior designer. Well, I've booked a day's consultation with Karen to get her advice on potential layouts, designs, materials, etc. I'm really excited about it. She has such a brilliant eye for detail. I think that hiring an interior designer (or consulting one) is seen as something that only the really rich do but it's surprisingly affordable. I'll write more about it as we go through the whole process. And if you have any questions about it, just let me know.

So that's where we're at right now. Stay tuned. And bye bye, blue tiles!

Bathroom renovation ... the 'before' pictures

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