Tales of every day life

Beautiful blues and photos in an instant

In just over a week, I will have been writing this blog for four years. Four whole years of putting fingers to keyboard and sharing stories, situations, interests and interiors. Go back further than that and I used to write the occasional post on another blog about the highs and lows of living abroad - it doesn't exist any more so I can't point you in its direction, sorry.

And way before that, in my pre-baby days, I worked on setting up blogs and writing posts for one of the biggest companies in the world (my speciality was penning encouraging words of wisdom on behalf of male Vice Presidents, mostly German but sometimes American, and often in their mid 50s ... niche, right?).

I genuinely love to write. About anything and everything. As you've probably guessed from the way I flit from cushions to days out to gardening to recipes to crafts and then back to cushions and other I-cannot-do-without home accessories. I can't help myself. They're things that I enjoy reading about, too.

Extraordinary stories and far flung adventures are wonderful but I much prefer the charming tales, and quirks and oddities, of every day life. Stories that have you nodding along in recognition, words that make you feel like you're not alone, and photographs of everyday moments that bring a smile to your face ... or a knowing smirk ... like ones of two brothers winding each other up the moment their mother points a camera at them. Huh hmm.

Beautiful blues and photos in an instant

While there is a commercial element to my blog in that I occasionally work on posts and campaigns with carefully selected brands, my intention is to always retain that lovely personal feel (to a certain extent, anyway, as I'm actually not that much of an over sharer).

This space will never have a slick magazine-like look. I like the idea of it being a cosy and homely place to spend a few minutes, much like if you'd popped round to mine for a cup of tea and a chat ...

'How's the decorating going?'

'Did the kids enjoy their summer holidays?'

'Where did you get that print from?'

'Are you going to bake along with Bake Off this year?'

'Have you heard about the new coffee shop opening in Chester?'

'Does any one actually watch IGTV?'

'What are you going to do with the gazillion apples that are about to fall from your trees?'

'Will there ever be a better TV series than This Life?'

'Is it time to ditch the dye and go grey gracefully?'

'How far do we have to walk before this piece of cake becomes calorie free?'

Yes, The Ordinary Lovely is pretty much an extension of my real life ... the posts and conversations on here don't differ a great deal to the ones I have with my friends, family, and the random people I inevitably end up chatting to in Tesco. They're simply stories, tales, questions, discussions and memories that I like to document online, too, as a sort of virtual scrapbook.

I hope you don't mind that.

Well, I guess you'd stop popping back and instead find something more exciting to read if you did, right?

Beautiful blues and photos in an instant

Now, over to you. Is there anything in particular that you'd like me to write about or share? Is there anything that you want to know or think would be fun to discuss? I get lots of messages about children's decor, creating family-friendly living spaces, and where I buy my bedding from ... you guys are obsessed with bedding!

But can I help with anything else?

Do you want to know anything about working from home? My role at Great Little Trading Co. (I write their blog, Make A Happy Home)? My time spent living and working in Zurich? Would I go back to corporate life? Why I don't get up at 6am to run anymore? Or anything else?

Ask away, send me an email - rachel@theordinarylovely.com - or message me on Twitter or Instagram. I'd love to hear from you.

And if you have a minute to spare, I've been nominated for the best written blog in the Amara Interior Blog Awards. If you think I'm worthy, I would be thrilled if you'd pop over and vote for me. Thank you!

Beautiful blues and photos in an instant