Planning a garden hideaway with Summer House 24

Planning a garden hideaway with Summer House 24

AD | This post is written in collaboration with Summer House 24.

Since little Lyra, our beagle pup, joined our family back in August, the amount of time I spend in the garden has increased exponentially. Rain, shine, early morning, middle of the night, every couple of hours to be honest, you can pretty much find me sleepy-eyed and welly-clad exploring corners of our garden and neighbouring field that I’d barely glimpsed at before. As you can probably imagine, my mind is no longer filled with all the things that need doing to our home, plans for the garden have slowly but surely crept on to the very long to do-list, too. 

Despite the change in weather, I’ve been dreaming of a secluded garden hideaway nestled in between the trees at the bottom of our garden path. Surrounded by nature, it’s the perfect place to study the change in seasons as well as being the most amazing spot for day-long, beautiful natural light. Currently, the space is home to a large shed/stable that once upon a time homed two friendly alpacas. Now, it’s simply a space to store grass cuttings before we move them to the compost heap. 

Planning a garden hideaway with Summer House 24

But I think we can do better, don’t you?

I’d love a modern garden office; a place to tap away at my computer and take photographs without having to wait for the one optimum hour in the afternoon when the sun comes over the house but is not too bright to cast unattractive shadows. And perhaps to sit and read and cuddle up with the pup after a walk. I love spotting all the changes in the garden and it would be nice to do so whilst sat in the midst of it all.

As we save up, I’ve been browsing the Summer House 24 website for inspiration. Part of the Hansa Garden Group, Summer House 24 specialise in beautiful but affordable summerhouses and log cabins. You can find them online but they also have several showrooms around the UK. It’s always nice to see things in the flesh, isn’t it? Especially sizeable purchases. 

I had three things in mind when starting my search: 

  1. A budget of £5,000.

  2. No veranda – I love summer houses with verandas but we have other places to sit outdoors.

  3. Lots of natural light, so therefore, large windows.

So, shall we take a look at the ones that made my shortlist?

The Barbados Large Garden Hobby Room

Planning a garden hideaway with Summer House 24

I love this super fancy log cabin. The French doors and four long windows would let in a whole heap of light and mean that the pup could join me and have plenty of things to look out at in between walks. The largest of my choices, it has room for a big desk as well as a sofa, and space to set up a mini photo studio for product shots, too. I know the boys would love hanging out there as well. It would be like having a second living room amongst the trees.

Price: £4,250

The Jacob E Modern Summer House

Planning a garden hideaway with Summer House 24

And on to the smallest room on my shortlist but at 4.4m x 3.2m, still a great option. I’d have to forgo a sofa in the Jacob E summer house but I love how cute and compact it is and the sliding doors are so lovely. I think it’s a great option for having an almost secret room tucked away at the bottom of the garden. It would feel really tranquil and secluded. I’d have to paint it a colour that fits in with all the greenery around it.

Price: £3,290

The Ian D Large Garden Summer House

Planning a garden hideaway with Summer House 24

The third summer house on my list is quite similar to the first one; just a little bit smaller and with a different window configuration. The size and shape is so practical for a garden office come studio but add a bar and some fairy lights, and I think it would make a pretty special party den, too. That’s one of the joys of having an outdoor space like a summer house; you can quickly transform it in to whatever you need it to be.

Price: £4,790

What do you think? And which would you choose? And if you have a summer house or garden office, how do you find it? Do actually get anything done or do you simply sit and watch the world go by?

Planning a garden hideaway with Summer House 24
Planning a garden hideaway with Summer House 24