Filling my home with fragrance with the new Yankee Candle® Flameless Collection (AD)

Filling my home with fragrance with the new Yankee Candle® Flameless Collection

AD | This post is a paid collaboration with Yankee Candle®

At this time of year, it’s hard not to feel the presence of autumn. Trees tinged with rust, the crunch of newly fallen leaves on the ground, golden sunsets, and sun cream and sandals exchanged for woolly scarves and boots. In the home, summer duvets are packed away, blankets make their way on to the sofa, and the TV rather than the garden features more in the way we spend our evenings.

Normally, I’d also be adding my favourite candles to every surface: coffee tables, window sills, fireplaces, bedside tables and on my desk. Dotting them around the house definitely signals the transition from the warmer to colder months for me; their gentle scents replacing the windows-open-at-all-hours sweet smell of summer.

However, with a new addition to the family in the form of a very bouncy, tail-swinging Beagle puppy, candles are somewhat off limits at the moment. And reed diffusers with their carpet-ruining oil, too. It’s almost like having a toddler again where everything needs to be placed at adult-head height.

For that reason, and also because I love a product launch that offers something that little bit different, I’m very excited about the brand-new flameless fragrance offering from Yankee Candle®. New for 2019, are pre-fragranced reed diffusers in some of the brand’s best loved fragrances and three beautifully designed vessels. No flames, no oils, definitely no spills, just gorgeous scents to create a lovely atmosphere in your home. Fantastic, right? And unlike candles, which offer very little until you light them, the reeds release their scent from the moment you take them out of their re-sealable bag.

To help select the perfect fragrance from the Yankee Candle® Flameless Collection for my home, I had a video call with scent expert, Karen Gilbert. We talked about my likes, dislikes, interior choices, preferred atmosphere, and any scents which prompt positive feelings and emotions. It was so interesting and Karen’s feedback really made me smile. She nailed it.

‘The look and feel of your home is very light and airy with lots of natural touches. You love to have the windows open even when it’s chilly to bring that feel of freshness into the house. The house itself has very clean lines and is quite minimalist but with a softness and natural Scandi-influenced touches – the house needs to be an oasis of calm so that you can think clearly.

In recommending fragrance for the space, I would definitely stay with the fresh clean florals such as Fresh Cut Roses and Midnight Jasmine. Cherry Blossom could also work if you want something with an added fruitiness.If I were to recommend just one scent that would bring your outside space in, it would be the Fresh Cut Roses.’

Here’s how I’ve been using Karen’s three recommended scents from the Yankee Candle® Flameless Collection in my home.


Filling my home with fragrance with the new Yankee Candle® Flameless Collection

In the living room, I’m using Fresh Cut Roses. If you sit on the sofa, you can just about spy the rose bushes growing in the garden. In summer, whenever I open the window, the smell fills the living room. The Yankee Candle® version really captures that gorgeously fresh rose garden scent and whisks me straight back to the warmer months and evenings spent with the patio doors wide open. I know some people love seasonal scents, but for me, the nostalgic English garden fragrance is one I want to be surrounded by all year round.

I chose the Earthenware vessel for this room as its classic looks fit in with the modern country vibes within the room. It’s more like a really lovely ornament as opposed to diffuser, with the added bonus that it smells amazing. If only Instagram was scratch and sniff – it would surely make for a winning photograph. 


Filling my home with fragrance with the new Yankee Candle® Flameless Collection

Based on Karen’s feedback, I’ve gone for another floral scent on my desk but one with a touch more fruitiness … Cherry Blossom. I can actually smell a hint of rose coming from the reeds, but the main scent is definitely cherry, and with a subtle hint of jasmine. I like that it’s both fresh and fruity; ideal to keep me feeling positive while I’m working.

Filling my home with fragrance with the new Yankee Candle® Flameless Collection

You can buy a Cherry Blossom Yankee Candle® Pre-Fragranced Reed Diffuser Starter Kit for £21.99 (refills are £11.99). It comes with the contemporary-looking metallic vessel and five pre-fragranced reeds. They come in a re-sealable bag, locking in the fragrance until you’re ready to use them and then they last up to six weeks. I think it would make an amazing gift.


Filling my home with fragrance with the new Yankee Candle® Flameless Collection

For my bedside table, it had to be Midnight Jasmine – there’s something exotic but comforting about it. I chose the embossed vessel for its natural colourway and stylish look and feel. It goes well with the bold, floral wallpaper in the room and sits nicely on the famous Kartell Componibili, another design classic.

I’ve never used a reed diffuser in my bedroom before … too scared in case I knock it over in my sleep. I like that Yankee Candle® Pre-Fragranced Reed Diffusers allow for instantly – and I mean instantly … the moment you open the bag, basically – diffused fragrance with zero oil. All you need to do is remove the reeds from their packaging and pop them in your chosen vessel. Job done. Start with one or two reeds depending on the size of your room and desired fragrance strength and then add to them as and when you need to.

I love how I can now walk through my home and the different scents help create the perfect atmosphere in each room. And the fact that vessels are so chic means that they complement my home’s aesthetic rather than looking out of place. Style and substance … it’s a winning combination. Well done,Yankee Candle®.