I'm a little bit obsessed with interiors and am always stumbling across lovely things that I 'have' to find a home for. Tea cups are my absolute weakness and I have shelves positively groaning under the weight of beautiful porcelain. I've amassed so many that my husband, normally exceptionally mild mannered and forgiving, has put a ban under any more entering our abode. 'Stealth' has become my middle name. What can I say? I'm weak.

We moved to our countryside home in North Wales in February 2018 and while it was already beautiful when we bought it, we have plans to transform it in to something really special that suits our growing (as in the boys are rapidly shooting up ... no more babies for us) family. Here you'll find all the posts about our plans for the house and many a moan about magnolia walls.

Children's bedrooms are an absolute joy to decorate and have fun with. They're also my favourite places for spending a quiet half hour or two ... be that watching my boys play, or simply lying on their beds and reading a book while they're at school. We're a family that loves colour, and while you might not see much of it on the walls in the form of paint or paper, I do my best to make sure that the boys' bedrooms have a playful but calm vibe that they can thrive and feel at home in.

With frequently changing interests and tastes, my children's bedrooms are forever a work in progress but here are some of the updates that I've made with step by step instructions regarding how you can achieve a similar look and feel.