About Me

hello, I’m rachel. welcome to the ordinary lovely.

I’m a freelance writer, content creator, and communications specialist based in beautiful North Wales. I love to turn my hand to anything craft or interiors related but draw the line at hanging wallpaper. I’ve tried. Several times. It didn’t go well. What can I say? It’s my nemesis.

I’m a mum to two cheeky boys (aged eight and six) and the wife of a tall, dark man. My favourite things include a tidy house, a roaring fire, and a pub lunch after a country walk. Turning the TV off when you live with three sports-mad boys is a battle but one I’m willing to venture in to for half an hour’s peace to play records - an Ella Fitzgerald LP and a hot cuppa is a joy like few others. It’s the simple things, right?


why the ordinary lovely?


I started The Ordinary Lovely back in 2014. We’d recently returned to the UK after living in Switzerland for seven years, and I’d given up my communications management role in the automotive industry but was keen to continue writing, learning and staying up to date with the rise of social media. This blog was a way of doing that with the added bonus of serving as a virtual scrapbook to document our adventures and home makeovers, and a way of sharing simple craft tutorials while finding new friends as equally obsessed with painting walls white as I am.

Nowadays, as well as continuing to share stories on The Ordinary Lovely, I write a gardening blog In To The Potting Shed (I’m a beginner, mostly unable to identify weeds from flowers, so please don’t expect too much) and edit the Great Little Trading Co. blog, Make A Happy Home. I’m also a freelance writer and content creator, and work with small businesses to develop their communications strategy and increase their online presence. You can find out more on my Work With Me page if you have a project or business that you’d like to discuss.